Song Of The Day: "Wicked Ones" by Dorothy


Hey guys!

I just love it when a song soaks me in. Do you know what feeling when your hear the first note of a song and it just gets you? When your attention is completely drawn to the song?

I love that feeling and as you can tell I've just heard a song which does that to me. Why else would I write this intro, right?

The song is called "Wicked Ones" and it's by Dorothy.

Dorothy are a four piece outfit based in Los Angeles, USA. Their sound could be described as traditional blues rock with traces of indie/garage rock.
"Think Kurt Kobain paired with Janis Joplin." is what the press release reads. I agree.

Dorothy are:

Dorothy (vocals)
Mark (guitar)
Zac (drums)
Greg (bass)

"Wicked Ones" is one of the hottest rock songs I've heard this year. Howling guitar riffs combined with a damn controlling bass line lead by heavy drum beats - the instrumental is spot on and a massive hit itself.
Paired with Dorothy's vocals the song is complete; her voice absolutely stands out. Soaring high, raspy, raw and even slightly souly notes are no problem for this energetic and passionate vocalist.

The song has been on repeat for an hour now and I'm sure A LOT of you are going to love it!

Listen now:

Dorothy online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | image: Dorothy press kit


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