Soundcheck with Martin and James

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Test ... test ... one ... two. One two one two.

Hey guys,

just wanted to make sure the mics are working.
We're in the middle of soundcheck with Martin and James.

Well, not exactly. But during their last tour they kindly let me sneak in early to collect some impressions for you.
I did some bits of filming which you'll find in the video down below and of course I took photographs.

I really think this could be interesting for those of you who don't know what happens before a gig. 

So without further do - enjoy your stay at the Martin and James soundcheck.

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Taken at Centralstation in Darmstadt, Germany.

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Not only do they have to check if the mics work right, if everything's alright with the guitars, keys, drums. But also the sound and light man needs to know where the mics will be located during the show.

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Yeah, the equipment doesn't float to the right spots, so you have to carry it there first.
To do that properly, use your own merch. ;)

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Tuning guitars and setting up the pedals is just one of many things to do.

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Blurry, but reflects the laid back atmosphere and communication between the artists.

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Yes, the guys are super laid back but still very concertrated.

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Constantly communicating with the sound/light man.

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And here's the second part of the tour videos I did. 
Part one was released on their facebook page, so I recommend heading there to watch it.
This part contains a few clips from soundcheck so I thought I'd show you this one today.

Hope my five hours of cutting 30 minutes material into one video paid off and you enjoy this one. :)

 I hope you enjoyed this insight. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them - if I can't answer them, I'll cry and ask M&J for help.

And of course - big thank you to Martin and James for letting me sneak in. And thank you to tour manager Ryan for organising things with me.

Martin and James online: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text, Photography & Video: Vanessa Jertschewske


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