Concert Review: Tom Odell // LKA Stuttgart, 6th March 2014

Hey guys,

I got to photograph Tom Odell in concert again.

Tom Odell is a singer/songwriter from England plays piano and sings - that leads to piano based music which you could classify as pop with loads of different elements.
His career started rolling when he won the Brits Critics Choice Award before even having an album out.
Nonetheless, his debut album "Long Way Down" which hit stores in June 2013, went to number one in the UK.

The singer/songwriter seems to be touring non-stop and this time he played in Stuttgart. The venue "LKA" was larger than I expected and definitely a well organised one. Big ups to the security!

So here's my little review, filled with way too many photos.

Support act for a lot of the European gigs was Ryan Keen, a singer/songwriter from Totnes, England.

He's the acoustic/folk singer that uses a guitar and a loop station to sound like more than just a one man show.

He played a few covers ("Stay" by Rihanna, "Hold On We're Going Home" by Drake and an instrumental of "Fix You" by Coldplay) as well as his own material, which was a lot more convicing than the covers.

Not that they were bad, but his originals really stood out.

You should definitely take some minutes to check out his music.
I'm sure I'll go see him on tour in May.

Tom and his band came on stage around 9pm and played 90-100 minutes if I remember correctly.

His live set could be described as energetic, passionate and honest.
Sure he jokes a lot and seems like that fun guy that would live next door but when it comes to his music he pours his heart out.
Not in a cheesy way though (thank god!).


Yes, he wrote most of the songs on his own and that shows when he performs them.
The pain in "Another Love", his biggest hit, is not acted. The anger he lets out during "See If I Care" is just as real as the honesty in "Behind The Rose".

His piano skills are great. I mean, come on, he definitely knows how to control the songs and give them different styles by hitting the right chords.
Once we're all in a love song mode, the other second you feel like you're transported back to the 50ties rock'n'roll area.

I'd even say there were bits of jazz. Massive variety!


The band behind Odell defintely needs to be mentioned.

Max Goff (bass),
Max Cliverd (guitar)
and Dan McDougall (drums)

The interaction between Tom and the band was wonderful. Absolutely talented guys! Chapeau!

Tom's voice is what stands out the most when you hear one of his songs first.
It's very strong, warm and expressive, rather deep yet he's still able to reach high notes very well.

The long notes seem to be his specialty and caused drooling and goose bumbs in the crowd. 

The interaction with his crowd wasn't completely perfect at first but both sides soon warmed up and had fun together.
And, honestly, that crowd was just as cheeky as Tom. We all heard that lady shouting "take your clothes off".

What really stood out was the big variety of people who came to listen.
I was expecting a lot of teen girls and they were there and were so lovely to watch.

But also a lot of adults, even more aged people were present and had an amazing time.
It was absolutely beautiful to see so many people enjoying the music.

My personal highlight was the song "Cruel" which is not released (as far as I know).
Those of you who know me, know that I really love rock-ish and heavier sounds, instrumental parts and honest lyrics.
This song just lives up all of those criterions.

And that's it!
I really enjoyed this evening and hope you enjoyed the review. :)

Tom Odell online: Website | Twitter | Facebook
Ryan Keen online: Website | Twitter | Facebook

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text & Photography: Vanessa Jertschewske


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