Travel bucket list.

Oh the places we'll go ...

Hey guys,

home is where the heart is - definitely one of the truest sayings around. But sometimes your heart wants to see something different, not because it's not content with where it is but because it's itching to go on adventures.

That's pretty much how I feel right now. I love my home, it's the place I feel most comfortable at but I'd love to put that cozy feeling on pause and travel a bit.

I thought showing you the cities on my travel bucket list would be worth a blogpost. If already been to a few of the following cities but I really want to go back there and discover everything.

It's not only about seeing a different city, it's also about hearing another language, meeting new people, discovering the sights, getting to know another culture. 

Madrid, Spain

Zurich, Switzerland

Vienna, Austria

Los Angeles, The United States of America

Glasgow, Scotland

Dublin, Ireland

Paris, France

Berlin, Germany

Venice, Italy

Cologne, Germany

London, United Kingdom

Tokyo, Japan

Where do you want to go?
Please let me know! :)

x Vanessa

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  1. Vienna and London are so beautiful <3 Berlin is cool for a few days, but definitely no city for me to stay at longer. I love Hamburg, though.
    But I also really want to see Glasgow and Dublin and also Paris. I want to see Munich and Cologne. Oxford, Edinburgh, and so on. I want a massive road trip through Great Britain. I want to go back to London, Vienna and Stockholm. I want to see Copenhagen and Rome. Maybe Athens, maybe Venice, maybe Madrid, maybe Barcelona. Idk, there's so much to see! Writing this comment, I want to make a travel blogpost, too...

    1. Write it, write it, write it!!! I need to read it!!!! :)
      (We definitely should rent a car and road trip any country we want to see!)x

    2. I'll keep it in mind! But first I need a bit more inspiration and a bit less pressure from other tasks I have to fulfill - so I can write a nice blogpost without babbeling stupid stuff that doesn't make sense. Also, photographs. Need to pick out photographs.

  2. This was such a lovely post, I want to see so much of the world


  3. You should come up to the north of England and visit us northerners, Vanessa ;) You've got me daydreaming about travelling now haha :)

    Rachel x

  4. If you visit Zurich, I'll be there as well. :D

    1. That's what I wanted to hear! :) I can't wait to make it happen. :) x

  5. Reading this post made me want to travel soo bad (good thing I will go on a trip in just a week, haha) :-). And I too hope to be able to explore some more culture and what not (soon preferably)..

    1. Oh that's lovely! :) I really hope to travel the world. :) x

  6. From your list, I've only been to Paris and London! I have so many places I'd love to travel to, and really want to make it happen! One of my favourite places I remember going to was Rome, but I was quite young so only have some memories and really want to go again. The history of the city is just fascinating and of course, the food was gorgeous. Lovely post, hope you get to travel to all of these places!

    Christina x

    1. I've been to Paris and London as well. London definitely has been my favourite. :)
      Rome sounds like an incredible city to visit.(Good food always sounds great to me! ;) )
      Thank you a lot for your comment, I hope you'll get to travel a lot, too! :)x

  7. really want to go to venice, hollywood and tokyo! you should definitely go to vienna!:)
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  8. What an awesome post! Love it!
    Now I wanna write such a post too... think I'll do that pretty soon. ;)

    I've already been to London, Venice and Berlin... haven't been to all the other cities which you wanna visit but I'd like to visit Dublin, Paris and Vienna. ;)
    I also would like to visit Rome + Prague and it would be great to go back to London and Venice again cause I love these two cities.

  9. I wish I could go back to the US!

  10. Tolle Bilder und schöner Blog :)
    Ich würde mich sehr freuen,wenn du auch mal bei mir vorbei schaust,ich blogge sehr viel über Lifestyle,Mode,Fotografie etc.:
    Ganz liebe Grüße an dich :)

  11. hi honey <3 i love this photos! thanks for sharing! i would love if we can follow each other blog :) what do you think? on gfc and bloglovin?please check out my blog and let me know <3

    much love,


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