Favourite female singers.

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Hey guys,

just yesterday I asked my lovely twitter follower if they were interested in a blogpost about my favourite female singers/vocalists and the response was incredible! 
So I couldn't wait any longer and just had to re-shedule my posts to put this one online now. 

So I guess, here we go!
The order is not relevant.

Note: I also know that there are tons of incredible female vocalists out there, I just wanted to write about those who I regularry listen to. ;)

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It's not a secret that I love Demi in general but her voice is just the thing I love about her the most. "Get Back" was the first song I heard and made me fall in love with her voice right away. Over the years Demi's voice definitely grew and her singing skills got even better (though I thought that wasn't possible!). 

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* Perrie Edwards
Perrie Edwards is one of the four members in Little Mix, the first (girl) band who won the X-Factor UK. I don't really know how exactly I stumbled upon them but I immediately fell for Perrie's voice. 
I can't believe such a great, strong voice comes out of this tiny girl. 

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Me watching Glee for the first time. "Oh my gosh. Can she just like never stop singing? Please? Like .. really!" Haha, needless to say that I love Lea's voice so much. 

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I remember this little conversation my friend and I had when we sat at the Apollo Victoria Theatre in London watching "Wicked" and Rachel Tucker started to sing: friend: "Oh god, her voice is awesome!" - me: "I'd kill to have her voice!" We were almost drooling because we were blown away by her voice.

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* Carrie Underwood
The radio station I listen to has a massive amount of love for Carrie Underwood. So when I was able to sing along to "Undo It" without even trying to, I thought I should check out all of her songs. 
And I did and not only started loving her way of songwriting but also her damn  good voice. 

Because I'm a good girl I linked every singer's name with a video of them singing! :) Enjoy!

Who are your favourite female singers?
Would you like to read about my favourite male singers, too?

Let me know!

x Vanessa


  1. Great post!
    I guess I should check the music of your favorite female singers. ;)

    You know that I love Demi too so she's one of my favorite female singers.
    I really enjoy listening to Adele, Ellie Goulding, Lissie, Hilary Duff, Colbie Caillat and Avril Lavigne so I guess you can say these are my favorite singers.

    And I would definitely enjoy reading about your favorite male singers. :D

  2. It's always fun to have a nosy into people's musical tastes!! I'd have to say one of my favorite female singers is KT Tunstall (though now that I'm thinking about it I really favor male singers over female haha). :)


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  4. Perrie Edwards is such an amazing good singer! I love her *-*

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    - xo Supernat

  5. this is a great post,love almost all ;)
    new follower,follow back, if you like ;) andy

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  9. I don't know those female singers! my fav female singers at the moment is Kesha, Nicky Minaj & Jessie J :)
    what about following ecah other?

  10. What a lovely post. I checked your blog with the result, I like it and now i'm happy to be your newest follower. I hope you follow me back ;)


  11. Danke :D
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  13. Fantastic list & images! Well all these female singers are good in this list but I like “Perrie Edwards” the most. She is so beautiful too. I have also seen her before some time in a famous hotel of my city. She had come there for an inauguration party. That is the most memorable time to me.


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