Spotlight on: The Cape Race.


Hey guys,

so as I tweeted yesterday: we are now at that point where I don't find great bands, but the great bands find me. 

Means over the last few weeks about 9 bands followed me on Twitter (if you want to do that, too: @Vanyhoney | @houseinthesand) and some even sent me free songs. 

So now I have a massive list of bands I need to check out and blog about. And to work on that list let's just introduce you the first one:

The Cape Race 

The Cape Race is a band from Manchester, United Kingdom that consists of 5 members:
- David Moloney (vocals)
- Matt Sayward (guitar)
- Adam Lewis (bass, vocals)
- Scott Perkins (guitar)
- Jonny Davys (drums)

The Cape Race started making rock music together in late 2009, when they released their very first 4-track demo and went on a little tour in the North of England.
2010 was spent with recording their mini-album "Now, Voyager" at the Earth Terminal Studios, and playing some live shows. 
2011 the band released 3 singles plus the complete album ("Now, Voyager") which had 10.000 pre-orders.
2012 was again some time of recording and working on the next album.
And 2013 just brought us listeners a new single called "Digging For Gold"

image: "Digging For Gold" Cover

I first heard the song "The Reprieve" and so far it's my favourite. But I'm still busy getting completely familiar with their music so there are definitely going to be a lot more songs I'll fall in love with.

I guess some of you might remember how my love for rock music came back again when I first saw The Arkanes in May 2012, so listening to The Cape Race makes me super happy because I find I hard to find really good rock bands!

With this post I can already announce that there's going to be an exclusive interview with The Cape Race as a part of my interview series online very soon! Stay tuned for that!

Get the "Digging For Gold" shirt + a brand new song from the upcoming album "Home, Truths" and pay what you want to pay - HERE. (I'm going to get one for sure!)

With all of that being said here are the links to find The Cape Race in the jungle of social media:

I really hope you enjoyed this post!

x Vanessa


  1. awww. hooray for you for being hunted by bands! lol. great post dear! :">

    Rae \(^o^)/
    Raellarina - The Ballerina on Fire

    1. Thank you! I'm really excited about all of these things happening! :)x

  2. what a great "concert" blog! love it a lot!
    if you think we could follow each other...anyway, I would appreciate your comment :)

  3. Hey!
    I nominated you for the liebster award! :)
    Check my blog to see more informations.

    - xo Supernat

  4. danke sehr :) das hoff ich auch :) ich hab dich zurückverfolgt :)

  5. Vielen vielen Dank für den lieben Kommentar! Kann ich nur zurück geben :)
    Liebst,Carla-Laetitia ♥

  6. Interessante Post. Ich habe zwar noch nie von the Cape Race gehört, aber kann ja noch werden.

    LG Cla


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