One year house in the sand.


Hey guys,

one year ago I started this blog. (Well actually it was on February 29th ... Really could not have found a better day to start a blog. Really.) So since that day only happens to appear every four years I decided to move this birthday one day forward.
It is crazy to think about how fast this year flew by. 

This blog is like a little baby to me so I thought we all need to watch how the little house in the sand grew within this year. And what could be better than a best of to celebrate a birthday? (A cake, I know .. But there is none. Sorry.)

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The first post I wrote for this blog looked like this:

Then there was the first concert review about the "Musikmesse Frankfurt" staring Martin and James.

In April 2012 the first episode of my "the mission of promotion" (which now turned into "spotlight on") went online and I introduced you the wonderful Dan Dietrich.

Remember when I took the song "Wrong Directions" (where house in the sand comes from) a bit too serious?

And another concert review made it's way online.. Of course it was about a Martin and James show. Of course it was.

Less than two weeks later there was another show .. Oh hell yeah. It was Jim Kroft.

And then there was the concert picture collection post which was a big hit. 

Another mission of promotion appeared. This time introducing Capulet.

Concert time! This time supporting the incredible band Dan meets Portland. 

On October first one of my dreams came true - I started the interview series with my favourite band Martin and James. (Should I mention this is the most famous post on here?! :) )

It continued with the world's greatest roadie, Ryan McNeil. 

Between all those interview we need a break. A concert, right? Jim Kroft supporting Livingston.

Let's enjoy The Arkanes answering my questions.

15 wonderful people got Christmas cards from me last year. 

Online show time.

I got my very first sponsor -

Sharing my London love with you.

Bits of photography.

Wow. I just went through all of the post I posted and really got a bit emotional. It is unbelievable how far this blog took me and how many people I got to know through it.

I just want to thank every single person that ever decided to come over and read the things I post.
 I want to thank the readers that regularly come over and say hi.
 I want to thank the ones that always support me with their wonderful words.

Here's to year number two! 

What was your favourite post? :)

x Vanessa 


  1. The new design looks really good. To another great year of your blog :)

  2. Happy birthday to your blog!!!
    Wish you all the best :)


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