The Grammys 2013 - my highlights.


And the night of music is over....

Hey guys,
I am incredibly tired because I basically stayed up until 5am to watch the Grammys. As a massive music lover it was the event of events to watch. 

While watching my little notebook was next to me so I could write down my favourite moments to later have them in mind and blog about them. :)

I'm not going to talk about the whole show, only my favourite moments. ;)


So as a lot of you may know - I'm a Taylor Swift fan. When I heard the first few chords of "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" being strummed I got really excited to see hear opening up the Grammys. But I really have to be honest (because that's what writing reviews is about!) I was a bit disappointed by her performance.
It seemed to be more about the looks then the music and that wasn't really what I expected. I mean, sure, Taylor is known for her theater-play-like performances but somehow I wasn't really happy about that one. 

About that Harry Styles thingy she did ... uhm well ... I'm not quiet sure if he really called her up and was like "I still love youuu." ...


Ed Sheeran and Sir Elton John singing Ed's "The A Team". Oh my. Talk about perfection. I'm really afraid not to find the right words for this performance because it literally took my breath away. It was simple and simply beautiful.


Seeing John Mayer present Miranda Lambert and Dierks Bentley also made me super happy. The mash-up of "Over You" and "Home" really got me. Especially Miranda's "Over You" since it's meaning is such a strong one.

I got so happy when Carrie Underwood won "Best Solo Country Performance" for "Blown Away". Well deserved!

And then got sad when Ed Sheeran didn't win "Song Of The Year" for "The A Team".


But then got happy again when Ellen Degeneres and Beyonce presented Justin Timberlake. I mean JT is awesome and so is Beyonce but I mostly loved Ellen. That woman is the funniest!


Maroon 5 and Alicia Keys smashing up "Daylight" and "Girl On Fire" - whoa that performance was like a day on fire. 

image: | John Shearer

When Kelly Clarkson won "Best Pop Vocal Album" ... let's talk about adorableness (is that even a word?). I mean you could tell how happy and nervous she was.. So cute and well deserved.


Usually I'm not a big Rihanna fan but since I'm honest I just have to mention that I liked her performance of "Stay" a lot. It was simple and emotional. 


Ok back to Kelly Clarkson again. Her tribute to Patti Page and Carole King was definitely one of the best vocal performances of the night. 

image: Rolling Stone music

Bruno Mars and Sting performaning "Locked Out Of Heaven" was But let's not only talk about them but also give credits to Bruno's band. These guys are filled with energy and enthusiam. 
When Rihanna and Ziggy and Damian Marley entered stage and the performance turned into a Bob Marley tribute you could totally see sparks fly in the audience. It was magical.


Last thing I need to talk about - Carrie Underwood's performance!!! Yes, her dress was amazing but her voice was ten times more breathtaking. In my opinion that was the performance of the night! You go Carrie! *insert standing ovation here*

So what did you guys think about this year's Grammys? Let me know in the comments! :) 

x Vanessa


  1. Oh I LOVED LOVED LOVED the performances at the Grammy's - Ed Sheersn and Elton John wow! and Taylor swift - go girl hehe though the British accent did make me cringe hehe
    I love you blog, I'm def a new follower - here's mine if you fancy a peek:

    1. Thank you for the comment and the follow! That's so lovely!
      Oh hell yes, the performances were on fire! :) x

  2. I missed the Grammys! But oh myyyyy I'm going on Youtube this very second to listen to Ed and Elton sing The A Team. Thanks for pointing that out :D
    Loved this post, it's great for people who missed it/forgot. You should do one for the BAFTAS too :)
    ..and if you're ever passing through my blog, do say hi. I'd love to get chatting to some more bloggers!
    Kerry x

    1. Enjoy watching the video! :D
      I am so happy that you actually enjoyed this post! I'm definitely thinking about doing this kind of post more often! :) x

  3. Hey,
    bin grade durch Blogzug auf deinen Blog gekommen und finde es wirklich cool :)
    Ich selbst blogge eigentlich schon 3 Jahre, habe mir jetzt allerdings einen neuen Blog erstellt. Möchte auch viel mehr über Musik schreiben und Künstler vorstellen, usw.
    Würde mich freuen wenn du mal vorbei schauen würdest. Es ist noch nicht viel da, aber da kommt die nächsten Tage mal hier und da was.

    Die allerliebsten Grüße xxx

  4. I completely agree, the grammys was amazing! I waited up too, to watch them :)

    A little bit Unique


    Oh and I'm running a giveaway, if you want to pop over and have a nosey! Giveaway here

  5. I thought Taylor had the most forgettable performance of the night, literally every other person got up there and did a fantastic job though. Nice review!


  6. I realy for got to see the Grammys! but now I know what happens! thanks! :) and your blog is cool! I like it! :D


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