Song Of The Day: "Jackboot Jump (live)" by Hozier

22nd November 2019 //

Hey everyone!

As bloggers it is expected of us to be quick when it comes to new releases.
We need to consume quickly in order to write quickly - and that's something you adapt to over the years and get quite good at.

We love the immediacy of writing and sharing, knowing that once we hit "publish", we can talk to music fans and get their reactions.
It's brilliant.

But sometimes we prefer having an extra day and night to sit with a piece of music, to really understand it.
We decided to do just that with Hozier's brand new single and it was definitely a good idea.

- Song Of The Day -
"Jackboot Jump (live)" by Hozier

After writing a tribute song for those artists who have used and still use their voices and don't shy away from writing protest songs. "Nina Cried Power" was Hozier's powerful return last year and perhaps it was the first nod to what was to come.

With his brand new single "Jackboot Jump", Hozier has gone and given an even bigger nod to traditional protest songs written by artists such as Pete Seeger and Woodie Guthrie. (Both artists are also named in "Nina Cried Power".)

The song is a live recording from his show in El Paso, Texas and only features the drums, played by Rory Doyle, the electric guitar and his vocals.
Although only using three elements for the song, it still sounds huge. The riff is as mindblowing as it is catchy, staying in your even when the song ends.
Power and depth are what the drums deliver so brilliantly and give the song the signature stomping sound we associate with Hozier.

While the majority of the song highlights injustice, political unrest and oppressive regimes (examples: Standing Rock, Moscow, Hong Kong), Hozier uses the last verse to show the hope he has in those who protest and use their voices to demand change: 
"All around the world
You'd think that things were looking rough
But the jackboot only jumps down
On people standing up
So you know good things are happening
When the jackboot needs to jump"

It's just a bloody great track, so we advice you to check out the video below.

Watch Hozier's performance of "Jackboot Jump (live)" right here:

- buy and/or stream "Jackboot Jump (live)" here -

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Credits // Words & Image: Vanessa Jetwash


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