Behind The Song: "Devil" by SOBI

1st November 2019 //

Hey everyone!

Happy first of November.
Not to be overdramatic, but we only have two more months of this decade left.
Wild times!

We don't even want to think about all the new years resolutions we didn't achieve but we want to use this time wisely.
And the best way to do that is by using it to showcase more music, right?
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- Behind The Song -
"Devil" by SOBI

SOBI is a singer/songwriter from London, UK.

Growing up with music being a big part of her life, it's no surprise that she started writing and performing at the age of 16.
Music and SOBI seem like the perfect match. The lyrics and melodies she writes have helped her express herself and to tell stories.

Influenced by acts such as Laura Marling and Noah and the Whale, SOBI soon found her own sound which always revolves around honesty.

So far she has been gigging around the UK and Germany and has gone on tour with Jamie Lawson.

Off of her upcoming EP, "Home One Day", she recently released the powerful single "Devil", a song that we are sure is going to speak to you.

Here's what SOBI told us about "Devil":

"I wrote "Devil" while I was going through a really tough time, battling with anxiety and depression.
I'm quite a happy and bubbly person and sometimes I feel pressure to always be that way, so writing and playing music has been a bit of an escape for me.
It's a chance for me to express how I really feel.

This song just flowed out of me in one of my darkest moments and it was my intention to keep to myself initially. 

Writing it definitely helped me to process what I was going through, but I was shy about sharing it. If I'm honest, I was even a little embarassed and worried about what people might think of me if they knew what I was struggling with.
Eventually I decided to share it with my band and producer, and seeing how they connected with the song really encouraged me.

And since releasing the song I've been really touched by how people have so lovingly embraced it.

Because this is such a personal song, it was really important to me that the arrangement and production should be just right. I spent a really long time with my producer, Helge Preuß, working on the demo before getting the band involved.
We tried so many different instruments and sounds and eventually realised that stripping it back and keeping the focus on the guitar and voice really conveyed the message of the song best.
My favourite part is in the end with the build up of all the voices singing "show me light". For me that sums up exactly what the song is about: hitting rock bottom, but still reaching for that flicker of hope, knowing I can still come out of this.

Once Helge and I were happy with the demo, we headed to Toolhouse Studios in Germany with the whole band where we recorded the final takes for this track. It was amazing to be in such a well-equipped studio. We were even able to use some analogue machines including a tape-delay for the guitar sound. There was this brilliant staircase that we used as a reverb chamber for all the vocals.

It made such a difference to the sound and it was amazing to hear the song coming to life, layer by layer.

I wanted to keep the video for "Devil" simple and intimate because it's such a personal song. We filmed it at a local antique shop near where I live. I walk past it every day and have always thought it would be such a beautiful place to film a music video.
It was a real pleasure to work with Danny Feng (director), he really captured the mood and essence of the song."

Watch the music video for "Devil" right here:

- stream "Devil" here -

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Credits // Words (intro & outro): Vanessa Jetwash | Words (about song): SOBI | Image: SOBI via Pon't Danic Music


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