Gig Photos: Dayglow at DC9 Nightclub, Washington (November 2019)

18th December 2019 //

Hey everyone!

We're getting closer and closer to the end of the year (and decade),
but that doesn't mean we have to slow down exploring music we love just yet.

There still is time to find new favourites that ultimately will appear on your Spotify Wrapped next year. So let's give the corporations some data!

Our DC photographer Gabby Ames went to see Dayglow last month and got us some brilliant shots.

As always, please take the time to support Gabby online:Website | Twitter | Instagram


Date: 8th November 2019
Venue: DC9 Nightclub, Washington (DC)

Headliner: Dayglow

Dayglow is the alias singer, songwriter and producer Sloan Struble uses to release catchy indie pop.

Hailing in from Fort Worth, Texas (US), Sloan started Dayglow in 2017 and pretty quickly found his sound. Although he didn't grow up in the art scene or in a musical surrounding, so it was up to him to find what he loved and create his own thing.

Writing and producing everything himself, Sloan felt inspired by Tame Impala to write on his own but tour with a band. Finding inspiration not only in music but also in places, his debut album "Fuzzybrain" pretty much just bubbled out of his brain. (Pun intended.)

We quickly became fans of Dayglow's sound and we're pretty sure you'll be adding him to your playlists in no time.

Watch the music video for "Listerine" right here:

Dayglow online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram


And there we go!
Have you seen Dayglow live yet?

Thank you for your visit!


Credits // Words: Vanessa Jetwash | Photography: Gabby Ames | **a ticket and photo pass have kindly been provided**


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