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There are a few things we want to do more of in 2019.
We focused a lot on learning more about particular songs and albums last year - and we still aim to do that in the future.

But we didn't put as much focus on the brilliant artists that create those songs we love so much.
So this year we will be shining all the spotlights on the fantastic creators we come across.

We hope you're ready for it!

Today we're excited to share our conversation with the brilliant Didirri.

Didirri is a musician from Melbourne, Australia.

Ever since starting out, Didirri has managed to achieve big things; such as selling out two headline tours in 2017, supporting acts like Tash Sultana, Vance Joy, The Jezabels and The Temper Trap, and on top of that he sold out his first ever show in London at Shacklewell Arms.

Besides all of that, the young musician also played Fairgrounds Festival, Grampians Festival, Boogie Fest and NYE On The Hill.

Didirri switches between playing with a full band and playing solo shows. The latter providing a lot of intimacy, while the full band shows hit you with all the depth his music has to offer.

His debut EP, "Measurements", was released in July of 2018 and has convinced music fans all over the world of Didirri's talent.
Whether it's the dreamy "I Can't Get Last Night Out Of My Head" or the historical "Formaldehyde",
these songs quickly became staples for multiple playlists.

Didirri online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram

Find out what Didirri told us about his track "Formaldehyde", recording his EP, supporting Vance Joy, bad advice and a lot more. 

house in the sand: Hey Didirri! Thanks so much for taking the time to have a little chat.
How are you?

Didirri: Living life, loving it sometimes.

HITS: Do you find that writing music helps you to process things you go through? Or do you start writing about experiences once you've actually processed them?

Didirri: A little bit of column A, little bit of column B really. Healthy reflection through song is defnitely part of my writing process, as it is expression of emotion as it comes to me.

HITS: We absolute love your track "Formaldehyde" and the story behind it.
We'd love for you to share the writing process of it with out readers.

Didirri: It is an exploration of the infertility of Frida Kahlo and the plight of many women who have dealt with the inability to bring a child to full-term. I wanted to express my admiration for those powerful women who can turn something as painful as losing a child into art for others to reflect on.
It is supposed to express the anger of being out of control and the need to hold onto something painful for the sake of processing properly.

HITS: Rumour has it you've ended up laying under a piano, playing the clarinette while recording the EP.
How did that come about? And are there any other unexpected techniques we can hear on the EP?

Didirri: My producer and I are both very into folly rooms, the experimentation on the EP is due to a lack of sleep and an excavation of interesting sound. We likened the EP to sculpting sound, rather than painting it. Creating an excess of sonic qualities and then carving away the shitty ones. We wanted to create a space that was intriguing but still speaking to the songs.

HITS: You've played a bunch of shows for SofarSounds, which is such a cool concept, especially for the listeners.
But what was it like for you to play songs in such intimate settings?

Didirri: Incredibly exposing, confronting to my songwriting. But ultimately intimate and wonderful.

HITS: Probably a complete contrast to that was supporting Vance Joy at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne - so what was that experience like?

Didirri: It is a sea of delayed reaction magnified by the immensity of the crowd. Every single joke, every single line, every single moment lasts at least 30 times as long.

HITS: On Twitter you wrote, "I write songs to give myself advice, and hopefully others.", so what was the best advice you've given yourself?

Didirri: If you have a Plan B, you don't believe in Plan A. When Plan A fails, make a new Plan A.

HITS: And again, another contrast - what was the worst piece of advice you've ever gotten?

Didirri: Music is fun, but remember you aren't helping people, do something worthy with your life.

HITS: Your music is obviously featured on a bunch of playlist - but who is currently on your playlist? Any cool acts or tracks you might like to share with us?

Didirri: Oh pep! Bon Iver. Billie Eilish. Blake Mills. Julia Jacklin. Ro. Canary.

HITS: And the final question: we've built a house in the sand - if you could build a house anywhere in the world, where would you build it?

Didirri: The cobbled streets of Barcelona. I think it has my heart.

We hope you enjoyed our conversation with Didirri!
Make sure to check out his music.

Thank you for your visit!

Credits // Words & Questions: Vanessa Jetwash | Image: Ian Laidlaw | Answers: Didirri


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