EP Premiere: "Never Grow Up" by Miss Demeanor & the Mean Beans

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Happy New Music Friday!
It's release day all over the world and we love this energy of hearing new songs everywhere.

We're thrilled that you're spending this Friday with us and have got a cheeky little premiere for you.

Instead of just celebrating one track, we've gone and got you an entire EP to listen to.
So, please lean back, relax and discover some brand new tracks with us.

- EP Premiere -
"Never Grow Up" by Miss Demeanor & the Mean Beans

Miss Demanor & the Mean Beans are a three piece hailing in from Bloomington, Indiana (US).

With a self-titled EP & the "Live from Skootsville" EP out,
the trio has already been described as "Indiana's spunkiest punk group".

Miss Demeanor & the Mean Beans are:
Jessie Brewer (vocals, bass)
Evelyn Sanders (guitar)
Rachel Leonard (drums)

And today the band is here to drop their brand new EP, "Never Grow Up".

If you ask us, the EP is a brilliant soundtrack for those days on which you just want to lounge around at your place, watch movies, stuff your face with food and stay in your pajamas all day.

The smooth and steady drums hang out with you throughout the entire EP,
they're like the reliable friend in the group and holds it all together.

This allows the punky guitars and energetic basslines to take over and mix things up every now and then.
It's clear that Miss Demeanor & the Mean Beans are here for business with their unique sound and have created a world of their own.

Are you ready to join it?

Listen to the "Never Grow Up" before everyone else right here:

Miss Demeanor & the Mean Beans online: Bandcamp | Instagram

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Credits // Words: Vanessa Jetwash | Image: via 1212 Records


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