Behind The Song: "Summer Sun" by Cari Cari

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- Behind The Song -
"Summer Sun" by Cari Cari

Cari Cari are Stephanie Louise Widmer and Alexander Köck,
a duo from Austria you want to keep an eye on.

They met backstage, just a few weeks before Stephanie left for Australia.
She came back with instruments and impressions aplenty and soon the duo started spent a summer in an old house by the lakeside, where they wrote and recroded their debut, "AMERIPPINDUNKLER".

Said debut got released in 2014 and Cari Cari immediately received worldwide critical acclaim.
With features on blogs from all over the world, their song "White Line Fever" being featured in American TV series, including "Shameless", the band quite quickly took off.

Their cinematic sound easily found its fanbase and allowed the duo to tour as far as the Australian East Coast.

After three years of traveling and living in different cities all over the world, Cari Cari returned with "Nothing's Older Than Yesterday" and continued to play live shows - for which they have received the XA Music Export Award.

With their latest hit "Summer Sun", the duo takes us on a journey through space and lets us become a part of their effortlessly cool party.

Before we get our swagger on, Cari Cari took the time to tell us more about the track: 

"We were working on our album during the summer.
Our studio is next to a lake but in the basement. That day nothing seemed to work. We were stuck and frustrated with writers' block. So I went upstairs, sat down next to the lake and just stared to the horizon.
The reflections of the sunlight on the water felt like a sea of crystals and everything around me felt at peace at once.
So I wrote: "Summer Sun - Wash Away My Troubles" / Summer Sun - Like Diamonds In The Water". I told Stephanie and she immediately found the melody. Our writers' block was gone and we went back down to record the song. It was magical! :)

We recorded and mixed the song almost completely by ourselves.
It's a weird mix of very old school recording straight to tape and the approach of an electronic music producer. We recorded the drums to tape and cut a loop out of them, then we layered them with programmed drums and used filter sweeps to increase the dynamic range of the song.

All vocals were recorded through a Russian vintage microphone called "Nevaton" and a vintage Roland Space Echo.
As so often there seemed to be a sweet spot with the vocals. We would do twenty takes and the intonation was always the same. But then there was one take, that was magical. I still get goosbumps when I think of it now.
We luckily tracked the take and from there on everything else fell into place."

Watch the music video for "Summer Sun" right here:

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Cari Cari online: Website | Facebook | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Words (Intro & Outro): Vanessa Jetwash | Image: Andreas Jakwerth | Words (About Song:) Cari Cari


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