Behind The Song: "The Other Side Of Waiting" by Jake Fields

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- Behind The Song -
"The Other Side Of Waiting" by Jake Fields

Jake Fields is a singer/songwriter and guitarist based in Los Angeles & Nashville (US).

His talent for experimenting with sounds and his love for pop rock, blues & folk has crafted his very own sound, which we invite you to fall in love with today.

It only took $70 spent at a thrift store to start Jake's journey into music.
After buying a guitar and an amplifier, Jake dropped his professional baseball aspirations and started to dedicate his time and passion to music.

Jake has teamed up with Jim McGorman (Avril Lavigne, Marc Broussard) to record his debut EP, "Someday You'll Be Mine", which will be out early this year.
His previous single "Memories Of 45's" has reached more than 100,000 streams on Spotify and is often described as a mix of John Mayer and Phil Collins.

So far Jake has played a bunch of shows and supported Kate Voegele at The Troubadour in Hollywood.

You can still get tickets for his show at Hotel Café in Los Angeles on January 10th.

Today Jake is here to chat us through the creative process of his latest single, "The Other Side Of Waiting":

"It was one of the songs that comes out in a subsconscious way.
We were playing the "groove" of the chorus section of the song, and I started singing whatever came to mind, and the song basically flowed from there.

I do remember initially singing out "the other side is waiting", and (my co-writer/producer) Jim McGorman came up with "the other side of waiting", which was far more interesting, and we of course kept it.

The way the outro of the song is sung is how we originally sang it in the midst of writing the song, which is in a recording that I remember going back to and wanting to keep that because it was completely in the moment and felt perfect.

The song was written and recorded at Jim's studio in the San Fernando Valley, full of amazing gear and guitars (which I cannot play, being left handed and all).

I think we recorded the vocals through an SM57 mic and it was recorded by the masterful Jim McGorman, who I wrote the song with and have learned endless things about music from.
He has produced some amazing musicians, and best of all, I've seen how being a great person and professional has benefited his own career through the year.
 I have a soft spot for a song he wrote with Kate Voegele called "Leave Me Hollywood", which I think deserves more attention.

As far as comparing the song to earlier material, there was only my first single, which was "Memories Of 45's". This song is coming from a much different place rhythmically and lyrically, and both the introspective and abstract lyric writing interests me."

Listen to "The Other Side Of Waiting" right here:

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Jake Fields online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Words (Intro & Outro): Vanessa Jetwash | Image & Words (About Song): Jake Fields


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