Video Of The Day: "My Mistake" by Gabrielle Aplin

Hey guys!

When you really think about it,
music is a pretty constrasty medium.

The creative process can be a very isolated matter for the artists, 
yet in some cases the songs they often write alone will be heard by thousands if not millions of people.
Songs they write about not feeling well, 
can often be the songs that help others to feel better.

You see my point; music is special and unpredictable.
But isn't that why we love it?

Today we're pretty sure you'll walk away from this post with a song on repeat,
so let's get into it.

- Video Of The Day -
"My Mistake" by Gabrielle Aplin

Gabrielle Aplin is one of those musicians who sprinkle everything with pure magic.

Ever since we heard her debut album, "English Rain", we've been hooked by her sound.
Her sound is ever-changing but always staying true to her roots, the singer/songwriter elements inspired by artists such as Joni Mitchell and Crosby, Stills & Nash.

With her follow-up, "Light Up The Dark", the musician from Bath, UK proved that she's capable of more elements, showcasing her rock-pop side.
After touring all over the world and playing festivals, Aplin shared her more pop focused EPs "Miss You" and "Avalon", allowing her listeners to be a part of her evolution.

What makes Aplin such an exceptional artist, is her talent for writing relatable and honest lyrics paired with the most gorgeous melodies you've heard.

Her new single, "My Mistake", proves just that.

"My Mistake" combines delicate vocals with dark piano notes.
It highlights the strength it takes to be open and vulnerable. It's graceful and dignifying while it is honest about struggling, allowing the listener to relate, to feel validated, to not feel alone.

The structure of the song is as beautiful as it is moving; the first chorus and verse are kept simple and calm, focusing on Gabrielle's vocals and the piano accompanying her. This gives us enough time to really dive into the song and focus on the personal lyrics Gabrielle shares with us.

During the second verse we start hearing suble backing vocals and soft string arrangements which underline the atmosphere of the track. What stands out is how you don't find a lot of different elements in the track, yet it's anything but monotonous.

Right after the second chorus we dive into the depths of the song, Aplin's vocals are getting more powerful and expressive with each chord, really transporting the emotions through her voice.
"My Mistake" ends on a calm note again and leaves us feeling understood and slightly more optimistic.

Gabrielle says about the track, "I'm really excited to release 'My Mistake'. I've always found writing a therapeutic escape from real life, but this song gently forced me to be brutally honest. This is a song about finding a strange sense of comfort in admitting to yourself that you're not feeling 100% and completely owning it."

Watch the video for "My Mistake" right here:

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Credits // Words: Vanessa Jetwash | Image: Gabrielle Aplin via Wilful Publicity


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