Tea Time: working online

Hey guys!

A few years ago I had a segment on HITS which I named "Tea Time".
It basically labeled the personal chats; the posts that didn't review a piece of music or consisted of an artist answering questions.

It kind of stopped being a regular feature, mainly because I wanted the website to focus on music and photography.

A little while ago I went on a little social media hiatus and decided not to be as online as I usually am.

On Facebook I asked if people were interested in reading about my use of the web and how I keep a balance between working online and being online privately.
Turns out, people were interested.

So ladies and gentlemen, grab a cup of tea (or coffee) and find out how I handle things.
Spoiler: it's probably less exciting than you think.

Alright. Well, my job as a blogger is to create content which I will then put on a website to share it with you - the audience, the readers.
Which means that I spend the time - a thatcher spends working on a roof - working on a computer and sometimes a phone.
That's a lot of time, you say?
Yes, it is.

The time that I have a new post open, ready to type away, doesn't feel like "being online".
Mainly because I don't interact with anyone. All I see is a blank canvas that is ready to be filled with words. It's kind of calming, to be honest.
(Sometimes it's stressful though. Writer's block is a thing.)

But of course, I spend a lot of time on social media platforms, where pretty much everyone else is spending a lot of time as well.

And you are confronted with a lot of people, to say the least.
There are trolls, hateful people, stressful people who need to speak to you and whilst most of the time, that's all bearable - it can get a little overwhelming sometimes. 

How do I keep a balance?
I keep a balance by logging off "mentally" every now and then.
That means I'm not completely throwing my phone and laptop away, I just choose to use it to my pleasure.
Whenever I "zone out" online, I just don't log into any of my work accounts. I leave my email account as it is, and yes, it's possible for a day or two.
Of course people are waiting for replies, but let's be honest - I don't save lives with my job, there is absolutely nothing dramatic going to happen if I don't reply to an email within 24hours.
If I need time off to stay sane and to stay happy, then I will take it.

Whenever I'm not working online, the only people I communicate with online are close friends.
Most of them don't live next door (or closer than 500km near me), so we chat online.
As I don't mind that at all, this is why I don't throw my phone into the next river.
I just do the things I want to do.

On a day to day base, when I'm feeling super alright, I still try to keep a balance.
I usually first check my phone about 30 minutes after waking up. That way, I allow my brain to breathe before the madness starts.

I also don't use my phone when I'm working with my horse, which makes up two hours at least.
So I guess, there's a natural balance in my daily routine already.

What definitely needs to be mentioned - I love the internet and I love the power of social media.
I'm a big fan of technology, therefore the way I handle it is definitely influenced by my opinion about this topic.

I would  love to know what you think about the time we spend online and how you handle it!

Thank you for your visit! 

Credits // Text & Image: Vanessa Jertschewske


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