Festival Excitement: Barn On The Farm 2016

Hey guys!

In exactly one month I'll be in England, having a beautiful time, listening to amazing music.
I love having something to look forward to all the time and currently it's a festival.

Since the last "Festival Excitement" post was very well received on here, I thought I'd write another episode.
This time it's all about a festival I'm actually attending.
If you want me to write about any other festival, please let me know.

Let's get into it!

Barn On The Farm - the title gives away what to expect. But not completely.
The BOTF festival takes place on an actual working farm in Gloucester, UK.
For those of you who don't know where Gloucester is (I didn't!), it's in the South West of England.

Surrounded by fields and animals, the festival area is a beauty itself.
The team behind the festival shows that their love for independent musicians is just as present as their skills of booking "the next big thing".

Acts that played the previous years are James Bay, Ed Sheeran, Bastille, George Ezra, Hozier as well as some house in the sand favourites; Ryan O'Reilly, Adam Barnes and Rhodes.

Barn On The Farm online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

Tickets HERE.

Here are the acts that are on my schedule:

Sunday's headliner is one of the finest headliners I could think of.
I had the pleasure of seeing Jack live last month and it was incredibly mindblowing.
Therefore it goes without saying that I'm definitely going to watch his set.
(And probably lose my mind all over again.)

The "Farm Band" is probably the coolest band the Main Stage is going to present.
Some fantastic acts have teamed up to played some of their songs in a very special band setting.

The Farm Band will consist of: Gabrielle Aplin, Hannah Grace, Joe Keogh (of Amber Run) and Hudson Taylor.
My hunch tells me that this is going to be fabulous.
(That video below is a good proof, too.)

I've already had the pleasure of chatting to the absolutely lovely Gavin.
And I'm sure I'm not the only one who is looking forward to his set at Barn On The Farm.
His debut album "Bitter Pill" is a treat for the ears, therefore our bets are on him.

Alright guys, who doesn't love husky vocals paired with bluesy guitars?
I have a strong feeling that JP Cooper is definitely going to be one of those artist whom the crowd can't get enough of.
His way of presenting his songs is honest, pure and very passionate. The perfect combination.

It doesn't take Laurel a lot more than an electric guitar and her hypnotizing vocals to grab your attention.
She's going to be on the main stage this year and you bet we're excited to see what this talented lady has in store for us.

The recipe to win over a big part of the HITS team:
acoustic guitars, smooth percussions, warm vocals and beautiful lyrics.
Brother & Bones took the formula and make us weak in the knees. I'm definitely going to be in the front row for them!

I've known Martin Luke Brown's music for quite a while now and recently got to watch him perform live when he supported Jack Garratt on tour.
His soulful voice, the mix of gorgeous piano riffs and badass beats, as well as his guitar based tracks - it already got me during soundcheck.
Very much looking forward to seeing him again.

I kid you not when I say that I've received a press release which included The Amazons' October tour dates, just a few days ago.
I was already chatting to our photographer Alex, asking if he wanted cover a gig.
Very annoyed that I couldn't make it.
Now that I've realized they're also playing at Barn On The Farm, I'm alright again!
Check out why by watching the video below.

More lady power! Dagny already won me over with the first verse.
Her slightly raspy, dark vocals, the alt-pop sound and her way of performing a track - can it get any better?
Thank you, BOTF - you booked some jewels there, didn't you!!

I couldn't keep it a secret if I tried. I love rock music.
And I love it a lot.
I just love a good riff, a badass bassline and some roaring rock vocals.
Black Honey are definitely going to fill my little rocker heart with joy by making me dance.
(I can't dance though, so apologies to everyone who has to watch me...)

Another artist I've already seen live before, and another artist I can't wait to see again.
Hannah Grace has that kind of voice that you wish you had yourself. And if you did, you'd never stop singing.
But reality hits you and you realize you don't have that voice.
So you're quiet and just enjoy her live set. With a lot of impressed gasps every now and then.

NOTE: festivals are the perfect opportunity to check out artists you haven't heard of before. This post is just a suggestion of acts I recommend. Of course I'll be checking out other acts as well. 

I hope you've enjoyed my little selection of acts.
And I certainly hope to see some of you at the festival! Please let me know if you're attending and we can have a drink together!

Thank you for your visit!

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: Barn On The Farm


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