Jordan Pruitt.

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Hey guys,

today I want to introduce you Jordan Pruitt. I'm pretty sure that some of you already know her. 

For those who don't:
Jordan Pruitt is an incredibly talented singer and songwriter from the United States. She performed a song on  the  "Jump In" Soundtrack which is called "Jump To The Rhythm".
 Another song you probably know is called "Outside Looking In" (I am in love with this song because it's meaning is so deep and probably a lot of us can relate to it.)

I discovered Jordan on YouTube while searching for covers of songs by my favourite artists. I still remember when I first saw one of her videos her voice totally gave me chills. Really, Jordan has a voice of an angel and she knows how to use it.
I've been watching her videos for about 4 years now and there was not one cover I didn't like. One of my favourites was her cover of  "Love Like This" by Natasha Bedingfield. Listen to it here. 
I also love one of her newest covers "Over You" by Miranda Lambert. Listen here.

I have never met Jordan but I feel like she is such a sweet person who probably doesn't even know who incredibly talented and wonderful she is. 

Maybe one day I'll get to interview via email. I think that would be wonderful and inspiring. :)

At the end of this blogpost I want to give you all the links to find her in the social media world.

Have a look on her website where you can get 7 free (!!!) songs. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and I also hope you're going to check out Jordan's amazing music. :)
If you do, let me know. ;)

x Vanessa.

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