DIY: Statement notebook.


Hey guys,

I finally have got another DIY for you! :) It's definitely been way to long since the last time. 
So this time I'm going to show you how create your own statement notebook. 

I've been a fan of those notebooks ever since I first saw one. Some of you already know that I'm kind of addicted to notebooks because I love writing so a notebook and a pen are my best friends and I always carry them with me. But just going to the store buying any blank, boring notebook isn't really what I want. 
They should be personalized or at least they should stand out.
My mind always works better when the material I work with looks nice.

That's why I decided to personalize my notebooks. 

As for the quote I wanted a song (lyrics) to be on my notebook and then decided to take the song "Don't act like you know me" by The Arkanes (listen to it here). But of course you can use whatever you want. (Lyrics, a quote from a movie, a saying by someone you like, your name, your pets names, ...)

What you need:
Any blank notebook  (colour of you choice), scissors, glue and  self-adhesive foil.

Step 1:

Decide the quote you want to put on your notebook and open  'word' to
type in any font you like. (I used ARIAL)

Step 2:
Print it out.

Step 3:
Cut out the letters and glue them on afterwards. (This is really the most  difficult part .)

Step 4: 
Cut the self-adhesive foil and put it all over the notebook.

Step 5: 
Enjoy your personalized notebook.
Get a pen and write down whatever you want to write down.

So, that's actually it. :) Really easy, right?

If you're wondering where I got these great glasses - they're from and actually you can save 20$ if you check out this giveaway! 

Let me know how you would design your notebook. ;)

x Vanessa

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