2012 turns into 2013.

Image: Vanessa J. Photography 

Hey guys,

so 2012 is almost over and well .. I've tweeted about it quiet a lot but I just have to say it again - 2012 was the best year of my life so far. It's been a blessing in so many ways.
And since I did a "review" of my year in 2011 (on my tumblr - read here) I decided to do it again.

So 2012 made me realize in which way I want to go. I've known that I wanted to work in the journalism/online/music business for quiet a few years but this year was definitely proofing it.

This blog is probably my highlight.
 When I started this blog in February I could not imagine that something that was created because I was bored would turn into something I can't go a day without thinking about.
 I never thought that I could be so passionated about my house in the sand. And I never thought so many things would happen because I'm doing this. 

Even though there were times where I just wanted to delete it and pretend I never started it, I am so happy that on a boring day in February this thing got started - started to change my life.

Why did it change my life? Because of the opportunities I got, because of the doors that started to open, because of the support I got, because I got to express myself. 

The people I met ... goodness. There are so many people I met this year, so many people I got to know better, so many people I could work with and so many people I became friends with.

And there have been quiet a lot wonderful people who supported me. Of course everyone who decided to visit my blog more than once, everyone who ever left a comment, everyone who ever helped me to promote, everyone who send me feedback, everyone who hit the follow button. 

I wish I could name everyone and thank everyone personally .. but I definitely can't. 
I want to name a few people even though because of their support:

my Mum - she's the reason I get to write concert reviews (my favourite thing about this blog) because she always takes me there. She's the reason I get to do what I love.

Martin and James - you have definitely made 2012 verrry special for me and I'm sure you know why. 
Jim Kroft - your support and words helped me so much I can't even express it. You are such an inspiration and I am so happy I got to meet you in 2012.
Ryan McNeil - the man with the plan. The plan and the supportive words and acts. 
Dan Dietrich - you are definitely one of the nicest persons I met 2012, thank you for always comforting me with your words. 
The Arkanes - without you guys 2012 would have been less funny.
Firmoo.com - thank you for a wonderful collaboration! 
My readers - you guys are definitely the best! 

(note: thanks to Martin and James, The Arkanes and Ryan McNeil for the interviews!)

Thank you all for showing love, sticking with me through the ups and downs and enjoying what I do. I seriously would love to hug you all .. I that was only possible. :D

I can not wait to take chances, meet new people and enjoy life in 2013. I'm super curious what I will post in exactly one year. 

Wishing you all the best for 2013 - let's rock this year together! 

x Vanessa


  1. Dear Vanyhoney (for me you always stay with this name! :D),

    I loved to read this post, and you have to know, even if I barely comment, I always read your blog. Keep it up! I'm wishing you an awesome new year with many-many concerts! I really hope we can manage to meet somehow, it's been ages since I've seen you...

    Take care! Hugs x


    1. Dear Mystrea, (there you gooo :D)
      thank you so much! Knowing there are people enjoying this blog means so much to me.
      I'm wishing you exactly the same and I really hope we can meet in 2013 again. That would be wonderful :)

      Thank you again,
      x Vanessa

  2. Happy New Year! I will always love your blog <3

    1. And I will always love your support!
      Happy new year! <3


  3. Hey!
    I just wanted to stop by and leave a comment. Lately I haven't written comments on your blog and I'm sorry about that but I just wanted you to know that I still read every post. ;)
    I love your blog very much.

    Thanks again for the nice words and the encouragement earlier. ;)

    I wish you a happy new year. :)


    1. Don't feel sorry about that. I'm happy whenever I get a comment, but I enjoy everyone who just takes time to read what I wrote.
      So, thank you for every time you just clicked on my blog. :)

      Happy new year to you too! x

  4. Very nice photo :))
    You've got a very nice blog <3
    greets, Sarah


  5. Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year Vanessa! Enjoy your evening.

  6. what a sweet post :) Happy new year!


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