Video Of The Day: "Borderline" by Madeline Juno

Hey guys!

It's New Music Friday - and boy, we're busy over here, trying to get all the posts out there for you.
Talk about keyboards being on fire!

The first track we want to share with you is pretty special because of many aspects.
Number one being that it is a German song.
Yeah, that doesn't happen often on HITS, I know.

When I started the blog in 2012, my English was nowhere close to where it is today, but I've always written in English. I love that this language allows us to connect with more people and honestly, sometimes I just find more English words than German words.

And pretty much 99.9% of the music I listen to is in English.
The other 0.1%? They're Madeline Juno.

As of now, she's the only German singing artist I listen to - and today I'd like to invite you to listen to her music, even if you might not understand it.

- Video Of The Day -
"Borderline" by Madeline Juno

Madeline Juno is a singer/songwriter, originally from Offenburg, Germany - now based in Berlin, Germany.   

Her sound marches into quite a few directions; you can definitely spot the main element which is a glowy Pop sound, yet you'll easily spot the melancholy of Folk music and the intensity of Electro beats.

 Madeline's parents are both musicians, which makes it no surprise to hear she started making music at a very young age.
At the age of 14, the young musician uploaded her first video to YouTube.
Her talent, work ethic and the honesty of her music have gotten her multiple support slots.
All of that led to Madeline building herself a loyal and growing international fanbase.

Her song "Error" made it onto the soundtrack of a German movie.
She later presented another single of her's at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014.

Ever since, Madeline has released three albums - "The Unknown", "Salvation" and her latest record, "DNA".

Once you see her live and listen to the stories behind her songs, you can't help but appreciate her refreshing way of putting relatable emotions into songs.
She's outspoken, she's honest and she's absolutely great at it.

And today she's here with a brand new track - "Borderline", so let's check it out!

"Borderline" deals with mental health and the ups and downs a lot of us experience.
The 'all or nothing' mindset is something many people can relate to, but many times don't know how to vocalise.

Well, Madeline can.
Her writing skills are on another level and seem to climb up another five steps with every song she releases.
She's eloquent, knows how to express feelings in a way that you can feel them yourself and always does it in such grounded manner.

From what I see in my friendship groups and in myself, I know that this song is going to hit home with a lot of us.

The production of the song is so well suited; the lyrics are the main element of the track and take the lead, allowing us to focus on the meanings.
However, the instrumentals are anything but dull.
Subtle beats underline the words, giving them even more depth.
The soft synths bring that extra bit of grip and tie all elements together so smoothly.

So, whether you actually understand German or not, I have a feeling you'll enjoy this track, so give it a go and let us know what you think!

Watch the music video for "Borderline" right here:

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Madeline Juno online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Words: Vanessa Jetwash | Image: Madeline Juno

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  1. I love her new song. Her songs help me feel better. I am so into this song it's like it's talking to me damn.


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