Song Of The Day: "Rose Lane" by rx Soul

Hey guys!

Picture the scene:
It's so hot outside that you have to keep the blinds down, in order to block the sun from heating up your room even more.

I'm trying not to lose what's left of my mind and writing these posts is honestly the only thing that doesn't make me want to throw the laptop out of the window.
It's one of those days, it's so annoying it could actually be Monday.

But alright, let's deal with it later and get ourselves calmed down with some great music.
Afterall, that's what we came here for.

- Song Of The Day -
"Rose Lane" by rx Soul

rx Soul is a musician from Los Angeles, US.

His sound is yet to be defined, but let me tell you one thing - it's exciting!

rx Soul made his debut in late 2017 and has released attention-grabbing songs ever since - proving that he means business.
Although we've only heard four tracks, we know that rx Soul is one to keep an eye on.
The soulful vocals, the clever and well thought out arrangements and the flawless production - each element just works so well and we're extremely excited to share his music with you.

rx Soul's latest release "Rose Lane" is that kind of track, you just shouldn't miss out on.

"Rose Lane" feels familiar but surprises with a good amount of elements you might not have seen coming.
It starts of mellow and calm, allowing you to sink into the feeling of the track. Subtle percussions soon hint that there is more to come - and as soon as you realise, a relaxed beat kicks in and takes the song on a journey - which you're invited to come along to.

rx Soul says about the track:
"Rose Lane is the name of a street I spent quite a lot of time on growing up.
In this song, I wanted to explore the very natural process of losing touch with the places, feelings and experiences that were so familiar to a younger self, and trying to keep as many of them alive as possible."

Listen to "Rose Lane" right here:

- stream "Rose Lane" on Spotify -

rx Soul online: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram

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Credits // Words: Vanessa Jetwash | Quote & Image: rx Soul


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