Album Review: "Eftychia" by Robin and the Modest

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We're already five days into 2018.
Time just does not slow down, bloody hell.

But it's cool, we won't slow down either.

Don't you love the challenges of a new year? I mean, yeah, it can be all in one's head, but if you're one of those people who take a new year (month, week, day?) as an excuse to make a positive change in your life - you go for it!

That said, I have a fair share of things I'd like to change or just do this year, one of them is challenging and broadening my musical horizon.
That means reviewing styles of music I haven't reviewed before and ladies and gents - I'm doing it!
Never before have I ever reviewed an instrumental album - but today I'm challenging myself.

So let's do this and dive into the first review of 2018!

Robin and the Modest
Title: Eftychia
Genre: Instrumental Rock
Label: recordJet
Release Date: 17th November 2017

So let's check out "Eftychia", shall we?


1) Run
2) Little Bird
3) The Mountain Is Calling
4) From Acapollo With Love
5) Winterlude
6) Eftychia
7) Koralle
8) Crop It Like It's Hot
9) L├╝cken

Opener "Run" doesn't give you much time to let your thoughts wander.
The strong and steady drum beat takes over your thought process and gently guides your attention towards the depths of the track.
Soft electric guitars support the rhythm section and let you enter the colourful world that "Eftychia" offers you.

"Little Bird" keeps the rather dark and mysterious atmosphere that "Run" already shared with us.
Slowly but surely the percussions and guitar notes let more light into the song and you can practically listen to the track unfolding its beauty. The string section clearly being the highlight, shining beautifully through the dark beats.

"Winterlude" is the little drop of colour you didn't know you needed until you hear it, allowing your ears to dive into yet another piece of Robin and the Modest's world.
It invites you to dream and helps you to forget the troubles of your day, proving that this album is the one companion we need to unwind, to dream and to just lose ourselves in the sounds.

To sum it up: My personal issue with most instrumental tracks is that I feel like something is missing, the vocals. Robin and the Modest somehow convinced me that a wordless record can still tell colourful and expressive stories and draw vivid pictures with clever arrangements.

You should listen to these tracks: Little Bird, Winterlude, Crop It Like It's Hot

Check out "Little Bird" here:

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Credits // Words: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: Robin and the Modest | **a physical copy has kindly been provided**


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