Video Of The Day: "Every Other Heartbeat" by Bare Knuckle Parade

Hey guys!

I'm extremely glad I get to run this website.
Of course there are lots of reasons for that, however the main reason is:
I love sharing music.

My inbox is always filled with new songs - and I'll admit, there was a time when it felt almost frustrating, knowing I couldn't listen to every single song because a day only has 24 hours.
But there are still so many tracks I can sit down and listen to, and that's wonderful.

The best part will always be logging in on house in the sand and uploading a new post.

And today is no exception! I get to share a song with you which is going to make you want to learn the words to it, so you can sing along.

Video Of The Day:
- "Every Other Heartbeat" by Bare Knuckle Parade -

Bare Knuckle Parade are a five piece outfit from Bath, UK.
Their sound combines all the elements you're looking for in your new favourite band; Alt-Rock meets Indie-Folk in such charming and exciting manner.

Bare Knuckle Parade are:
Jamie Beale
Tom Cory
Callum Moloney
Ben Lythe
Tom Turner

The band has shown in the past that they have a thing for throwing fantastic music videos at their fans.
And they're at it again - this time for their recent single "Every Other Heartbeat", which the band recorded and produced themselves.

The song itself is infectious, energetic and catchy. 
It will give you a clue what Bare Knuckle Parade stands for, and it gives you the chance to dive into their sound.
The video is just as entertaining - with great cinematography and pleasing effects, song and video go hand in hand.

Check out "Every Other Heartbeat" below and get ready to sing along.

- buy the song -

Bare Knuckle Parade online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

Thank you for your visit!

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image & Video: Bare Knuckle Parade


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