Behind The Song: "Speak and Spell" by Glass Peaks

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Behind The Song:
- "Speak and Spell" by Glass Peaks -

Glass Peaks are a four piece from Kent, UK.
They describe their sound as 'melancholic alt-pop', which definitely hits the nail right on the head.

The band formed in 2016 but has already gotten support from the UK's top music sources; BBC Radio 1, Absolute Radio, BBC Introducing and more.

Influenced by bands such as Joy Division and The Smiths, the four musicians have a great variety of inspirations, but also put a unique twist on things.

Glass Peaks are: Lewis, Jake, Grant and Alfie.
Today we got to find out more about the band's recent single, a song which showcases the band's exciting and promising sound.

Here's what Alfie and Jake told us about "Speak and Spell":

Alfie: "This song went through lots of different stages before it took on it's final form. Much of what we write starts with a riff or the beginnings of a chord structure. Speak and Spell started in just the same as any other track we've written except this time we were experimenting with different sounds and textures. We incorporated a synth bass in this track which we hadn't previously done for any of our other music. There's a fluidity in the way we write and perform our songs, there are no tracks etc...however, this song features big synthesiser lines and swelling, side chained vocal pads. It's one of the most mechanical songs we've ever written, but in a good way!"

Jake: "Most of our songs start from a singular riff or very small part, mainly guitars. From that I guess we just keep working on it and experimenting with it for a while. Myself and lewis will always bounce of and inspire each other when writing guitar parts, trying different patterns and licks to intertwine in and out of each others parts."

Alfie: "For me, the song is about social perceptions. It's about what is deemed as acceptable in social situations. It could be from the way someone carries themselves at a party, or the way someone behaves in a relationship. The song is a reminder of all of the abhorrent attributes you find in people and how much their actions or words can affect you if they're a little too close to home.

When we completed writing the song, it felt like finding like the secret passageway behind a painting in a grand hall or something, like we'd finally found the way to the sound we'd been searching for. 
I was so pleased with the form of the song and how we'd taken it from a small idea to a piece of music which really pushed us outside of our comfort zone. The process of recording was absolutely incredible, our producer, Kris Harris, really pushed us to create a masterpiece. He left no stone unturned and always questioned things we felt were 'right' in order for us to really think outside of the box. I'm very proud of Speak and Spell and the whole journey that went with creating it."

Jake: "Writing the song was great fun, we experimented a lot with the synth bass in this track which took a long time to get right but when we got it, we got it. Recording with Kris Harris was the best thing we could have ever done for the song. He really squeezed everything out of it and helped craft it into something we are really proud of."

Alfie: "The difference between Speak and Spell and everything that preceded it is that S&S was a venture into something we're not used to sonically. Experimenting with Synth bass and electronics was a first for us, but it has completely opened our eyes and made us write newer things with a wider, more vibrant palette."

Listen to "Speak and Spell" below!

Glass Peaks online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Text (intro): Vanessa Jertschewske | Image & Text (about song): Glass Peaks


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