Performance Of The Day: "Shadow & Light" by Martin Luke Brown

Hey guys!

I remember when I got my first ever laptop for Christmas.
I don't remember the year but it's obviously been a few Christmases back.

The first thing I would always do, is go on YouTube and watch acoustic/live performances of any artists I enjoyed.
Many years later, it's still one of my favourite things to do.
YouTube is one of those platforms I definitely spend too much time on, but that's alright.

Because of my love for acoustic performances, the "Performance Of The Day" feature is one those features I kind of write for myself.

So yeah, let's dive into today's performance by Martin Luke Brown.

Martin Luke Brown is a singer/songwriter from Leicester, UK.
Genrefying his music is definitely no simple thing to do as Martin combines pop elements with soulful vocals, a folky falsetto and electrifying beats. Maybe we'll settle for Alternative.

The young musician started gigging at the age of 14, uses the keyboard and the guitar on stage and also started working with backing tracks at live shows.

Back in 2014, house in the sand was introduced to Martin Luke Brown's music and we were convinced we'd be able to watch him go and create amazing music.

Martin Luke has released a bunch of songs so far; "Nostalgia", "Scars On Scars" and "Love Me Sober" being his main singles which made him gain a loyal fanbase.

His newest single "Shadow & Light" was one of those songs that has been released at the most appropriate time.
There are songs that you can relate to when you're in a difficult relationships. Or songs that you can relate to when you're feeling really happy.

And then there are song that, in my opinion, an entire generation can relate to. 

"Shadow & Light" is one of those.
I can guarantee that most of us can relate to at least one line of this song because of what it going on in the world.
My favourite line would be:
- nothing will change unless we keep our hearts open -

This piano based performance by Martin Luke Brown and students of BIMM London for Bee Happy Sessions truly captures the honesty of the song.
The choir represents the united thought that especially this generation has. 

Martin's vocals are, as usual, on point and souly as ever.

I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy this one!

You can stream & download "Shadow & Light" here.

Martin Luke Brown online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

Thank you for your visit!

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: Gemma A Photography | Video: Bee Happy Sessions


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