Song Of The Day: "Silence Is Petty, Bitter's Not Pretty" by Ever

Hey guys!

Every music blog is different (unless it's a copy ;) ) and has different features to offer.
I absolutely love the diversity that the internet offers to us users.

As the writer of a blog it's quite important to know what sort of "vibe" you want to offer to your readers.
From the very beginning of house in the sand, I knew that I wanted this to be a personal space of web. One of those places that can feel like a home.

Now, how do you achieve that when you're writing about music?
I guess that fact that we build friendly business relationships with the artists, labels and managements really shines through.

It always makes me really happy when we are asked to feature a musician for the second (or third, fourth,...) time on HITS. Means we're doing something right, doesn't it?

Today's 'Song Of The Day' is by the absolutely lovely and talented Ever!

Ever is a singer/songwriter from the Isle Of Wight, England.
Her style is influenced by artists such as Kimbra, Kate Bush and Björk, her sound can be described as electro-pop.

With a lot of personality and hard work, the female one man show has managed to build herself a loyal fan base.

So far Ever released:
Bodies (single)
Common Daze (EP)
Bones (EP)
Silence is Petty, Bitter's not Pretty (single)

After already loving her recent EP "Bones", I was really pleased to find out about her new single "Silence Is Petty, Bitter's Not Pretty".
The song is very atmospheric, even slightly mystical. Ever's fairy-like voice intensifies the fragile and melancholic feeling of the song.

All those elements hypnotize you in a charming and very enchanting way. You dive into the song and find yourself being swept away by the clever synth arrangements which give the track the "Ever signature".

Listen to "Silence Is Petty, Bitter's Not Pretty" below and purchase the song here.

Ever online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Instagram

Thank you for your visit!

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: Ever | *this song was submitted for a review*


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