Album Review: "Black Beauty" by The Twilight Hours

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One of many fascinating things about music is that you can control and change your mood, just by listening to a certain kind of music.
To me, that's something we should cherish by all means and appreciate this powerful form of art.

For as much as I love really energetic rock music, I have to say, I also enjoy the slightly more relaxed and settled down albums.

The album I'm going to review for you today, is a treat for the ears and I can't wait to hear (or read) what you guys think.

Band: The Twilight Hours
Title: Black Beauty
Genre: Rock
Label: Independent
Release date: 15th July 2016
HITS rating: 7/10

The Twilight Hours are a rock band from Minneapolis, US.
Formed quite a few years ago, the two main members John Munson and Matt Wilson had already been making music together for decades.

With their debut record out in 2007, the band had plenty of time to tour the album, build a strong fanbase and truly find The Twilight Hours' sound.

With their brand new record "Black Beauty", the band is ready to continue their creative journey.

Here's what we think about the album!

1) Help Me Find The Way
2) Maybe 
3) Troublemaker
4) Soundwaves
5) Flow
6) Down To Forever
7) Telephone
8) Call Me
9) Lost In A Rain Cloud
10) Touch My Mind
11) Rain
12) Sioux City Swinger
13) Anymore

Opener "Help Me Find The Way" welcomes the listener with a big smile. The warm sound of acoustic guitars, soft but steady percussions and a happy sounding piano greets you before it allows you to sit down and relax.
Mellow and calming vocals give you the opportunity to find comfort in them. Overall, the song creates a friendly atmosphere.

That there is more to The Twilight Hours than just acoustic tracks, shows when the album throws the track "Soundwaves" your way. We are starting to drift into a world of jazz-y R'n'B vibes paired with a little bit of rock and sprinkle of folk. The song keeps the warm and friendly atmosphere which is present from the very beginning, but it takes it to a livelier level.

An album wouldn't be complete without an anthem, you say? Do not worry, The Twilight Hours have got you covered. "Anymore" lets you sink into a soft duvet of expressive vocals, beautiful guitar arrangements and united backing vocals.

To sum it up: The depth of the instrumentals shines through in every track and highlights the vocals oh so gently.
You can tell that the band has been making music together for years; the elements seem to flow together naturally to create a sound which embrases you with open arms.

You should listen to these tracks: Help Me Find The Way, Maybe, Anymore

The Twilight Hours online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Bandcamp

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Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: The Twilight Hours | *a physical copy of this album was sent to us*


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