Gig Photos: Jack Garratt at Freiheiz, Munich

Hey guys!

The amount of things I've learned about music within the last few years, is definitely massive.
I have tried to soak in every new thing I've come across.

So I got a bit of knowledge when it comes to different guitars, pedals, the differences between certain cymbals, loopstations and the live music side of things.
I love learning things and so picking the brains of my music friends is something I do regularly.

Especially on stage you get to see a variety of techniques.
A variety of styles.

When I first found out about Jack Garratt's live sound, I knew his style was something I hadn't seen before.
I know a lot of artists who play multiple instruments at the same time, yet the way this guy does it, was new to me. Therefore it was obvious that analyzing Jack's way of making music was going to introduce me to a lot of new knowledge.

YouTube gives you a beautiful idea of what to expect when seeing an artist live, but it will never be the same as attending a gig (in real life!!).

I got to photograph and watch Jack Garratt at Freiheiz in Munich, Germany on May 8th and am happy to share some impressions with you today.

(I also got to film a little chat with Jack in which he told me more about his gear, etc. You can watch it here: Interview: Jack Garratt)

SUPPORT ACT: Martin Luke Brown

Martin Luke Brown is a singer/songwriter from Leicester, UK.
Genrefying his music is definitely no simple thing to do as Martin combines pop elements with soulful vocals, a folky falsetto and electrifying beats. Maybe we'll settle for "alternative".
Yeah, let's do that!

The young musician started gigging at the age of 14, uses the keyboard and the guitar on stage and also started working with backing tracks on stage.

Back in 2014, house in the sand was introduced to Martin Luke Brown's music and we were convinced we'd be able to watch him go and create amazing music.
(And oh, how right we were!)

Martin Luke Brown online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

Martin Luke Brown brought his full band sound to Munich and proved that the Brits got talent.
(Hah, what a pun!)
With his soulful voice being the centre of his honest songs, the crowd enjoyed his performance from the very beginning.

I personally find Martin's sound very refreshing. It's just him on stage, yet he manages to re-create a very gig-worthy sound by using today's technology wisely.

Little chats with the audience between the songs allowed the listeners to get an idea of the person behind the music.

To sum it up: Martin Luke Brown was/is the perfect opener for Jack Garratt and is "one to watch" himself. 

Please check out Martin's newest track "Love Me Sober", it's fabulous:

MAIN ACT: Jack Garratt

Jack Garratt is a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter based in London, UK.
The musician who grew up in Buckinghamshire, UK started making music, or "noises" as he calls it himself, at a very young age.

With a talent not too many people have, Jack manages to combine multiple genres and creates a sound which is mix of electronic beats, dirty e-guitar riffs, jazzy piano parts and a voice that's just a varying as the instrumentals; ranging from a warm, deep voice to a brilliant falsetto, to moments where nothing is raspier than Garratt's voice.

So far he released three EPs:
Remnants (2014)
Remnix (2014)
Synthesiac (2015)

And earlier this year, Jack Garratt celebrated the release of his debut record, "Phase".

His skills and sounds received the BBC Sound Of 2016 award, as well as the Critics Choice Award at the Brit Awards 2015.

Jack Garratt online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube | Instagram

I like describing gigs in three words.. But I'm afraid that won't work for Jack Garratt's live show.

So instead of using only three words, I'll just keep going until I run out of them.

Energetic. Passionate. Drums. Keyboard. Drumpad. Dirty guitar riffs. Loops. Full sound. Soul. So much soul.

Bass. Jazzy piano bits. Blues. Electronic. Rock. Drumsssss. More drums. Synths. Fast paced.

Multi-tasking. Mind blowing. Backing tracks. Solo. Pedals. That bass drum.

Falsetto. Deep vocals. What a voice. Raspy. Smooth. So much control.

Funny guy. Actually a comedia. Brilliant crowd interaction. Hilarious.

Spontaneous Prince cover. What. Purple Rain.

Beautiful ballads. Funky intros.

Spot on entertainment.


Did I mention the drums?

Check out Jack performing "Breathe Life", one of my favourite songs:

Thank you for your visit!

Credits // Text & Photography: Vanessa Jertschewske | **with special thanks to Factory92 & MCT for providing a ticket and photopass for house in the sand


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