Behind The Song: "Super Cool Sadie" by Chris Tavener

Hey guys!

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of meeting some fantastic musicians in Manchester.
Writer, musician & radio host Liam McClair invited me to his show on Reform Radio.

But I wasn't the only guest! He also had Chris Tavener over to play some live tunes.
I really enjoyed his performances and am chuffed to feature Chris today!

Chris Tavener is a satirical singer/songwriter from Cheshire, UK.
His sound combines "old school" elements with modern riffs and really stands out thanks to the witty, at times sarcastic and clever lyrics.

Chris is one of those incredibly hardworking people who play 230 performances within one year.
His admirable work ethic has led to being played by Steve Lamacq of BBC 6 Music.
The young musician just finished his UK tour.

And now he's here with a new music video for his soung "Super Cool Sadie".

I've asked Chris to tell us a bit more about the song and so he did.

Find out what he says about the song idea, the writing process and the music video:

I remember very suddenly coming up with the whole chorus for “Super Cool Sadie” on a tram ride after a gig in January 2015. With many of my songs, I come up with a lyrical idea first then the music comes later but this song came about without any of that and I didn’t know exactly what it was or what it was trying to say. Gradually I formed this story about Sadie and the character singing about her. The humour in the song is in the twists and turns but I think the character’s situation is relatable to many people on a less-exaggerated level. We’ve all had those moments or times of deep desire for someone that never reaches satisfaction because they are for some reason unobtainable. In my opinion, the fact I subconsciously borrowed her name from a Beatles track actually helps the track in delivering this message.

As soon as I’d finished writing it, I felt as though it was one of the best songs I’d written melodically and poetically. I really wanted to hold on to it for a big opportunity but after a chance meeting with a music industry professional, I realised I was being far too precious with my work and actually the best thing for it was to get it out so people could hear it. I’ve made it the first track on my new EP.    

The music video shoot took some time to plan but myself and the film-maker Freddie Jones were acutely aware of the angle we wanted to spin and the mockery we wanted to make of modern pop music videos. We spent time going over films like ‘Get Him To The Greek’ and music videos by Coldplay, The Lemonheads, Jason Mraz and others until we felt we’d experienced the genre enough to parody it. I think that, much the same as my single ‘I’m Better Than You’, the music video brings something entirely new to the table and I actually think the song and the video can stand apart as pieces of art in their own right.

Watch the video for "Super Cool Sadie" here:

Chris Tavener online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Text intro: Vanessa Jertschewske | Text about song, image & video: Chris Tavener


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