Update: Birthday Countdown 2015 | #HITSBC15

 Hey guys!

In less than a month our second Birthday Countdown is going to kick off. 

Last year a lot of you requested that I would take you behind the scenes of organising the whole project. It was the first time organising something like that so I wasn't sure about sharing it all with you; it was absolutely chaotic "behind the scenes" and definitely not meant to be on the internet. 

To be honest, this year's organisation is not much better but I think I've got a clue of what to share with you.

Before I get into details - if you don't know what the Birthday Countdown is, let me explain it:
The Birthday Countdown is, just like the title gives away, a countdown towards the blog's anniversary/birthday. 
Starting February 1st one band/artists is going to perform a song exclusively for house in the sand's third birthday. The party of live music ends on February 28th, our birthday.

If you're curious, you can watch 2014's Birthday Countdown HERE.

Alright. So the planning process began in September. Yes, September 2014.
This project needs a lot of time and right after we finished the first edition of it in February, I couldn't wait to start the next one.
(So yeah... I probably started a bit too early...)

In October I met up with the first few bands and acts to film some performances. Of course some bloopers and technical difficulties made things a bit more entertaining and interesting for all of us. It was a great adventure to say the least.

Last year I pressured myself a bit too much and wanted to have the complete lineup together by December.
This year it is all about finding hidden gems of the music industry and showcasing their talent. And I'll be bloody honest with you - the lineup is still not complete.
(Yes, I'm panicing a bit but I've learned to look at things the "rock'n'roll" way.)
But the acts I've chosen so far are going to blow you away!

I just had a look at my email account - so far I've written 197 emails/messages for the Birthday Countdown. That is sick.

December was a busy month for me where I had to finish my studies and after that I focused on Christmas food.
So I am a bit behind with all the editing and writing BUT things are going well. 

I've also found out that the more you know, the more work you have to do. Last year I wasn't too informed about a lot of technical things such as HTML and video formats. This year I'm a lot wiser which also means I spend a lot more time on perfecting things.

At this point I already want to thank the artists - you guys are such a pleasure to work with and it's amazing to see how you are willing to help me make this countdown one to remember. Lots of love!

I think this is pretty much all of what I can share with you right now. 

If there is anything you'd like to know more about, feel free to comment or message me on twitter, facebook or wherever you want. 

I am SOOOO excited for #HITSBC15 (this is our official hashtag, find more about it HERE) and I can't wait for you to see the finished product.

Thank you for reading! 

Credits // Text & image: Vanessa Jertschewske


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