Announcement: I'm going on tour!

Hey guys!


"What? Why? How? What what what?" you might think. Let me explain.

As some of you may already know The Arkanes are going on their first headline tour in Germany/Switzerland.

They are a four piece rock band from Liverpool, UK. So far they have released an EP called "Don't Act Like You Know Me" and a debut album called "W.A.R". 
The Arkanes are:
Chris Pate (lead vocals, guitar)
Dylan Cassin (lead guitar, backing vocals)
Jake Hallam (bass, backing vocals)
Andy Long (drums)

I've first heard them live nearly three years ago. Ever since I've followed and supported their career; their debut album release, exciting support slots, some bad news, a lineup change and now their first headline tour. 

And now I'm writing this announcement blogpost to tell you that I'm joining the tour for a couple of dates.
My part will be documenting the gigs and days off. I'll photograph, film and write about all adventures and activites. 
(And I'll play pranks on them... but that's not the reason I'm joining...)

We are going to film a lot of videos at the venues, during the gigs, in the van and wherever else we end up.
Basically I'll represent all of you who are interested in finding out what a band does on the road. For a week house in the sand will turn into your "all access area" when it comes to touring with The Arkanes.

As the tour is still a few weeks away, I'm just starting the whole brainstorming process of how YOU guys can be involved.
If you have any ideas or requests, please let me know.

I've wanted to go on tour with a band for a while now, and the fact that I'm joining one of my favourite bands who also happen to be good friends of mine, just makes it brilliant.

I'll be joining Stuttgart, Berlin, Oldenburg, Burgrieden and Olten. 

If the guys are in a city near you, please make sure to get tickets here and come see them live.

If you are not located in Germany or Switzerland, let me help you get to know the guys better.
Just visit house in the sand in March. :)

I'm absolutely excited and can't wait!!!

Thank you for reading! 


Credits // Text & Image 1: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image 2: The Arkanes


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