Song Of The Day: "Friend" by Winter 1982

Hey guys!

I get a lot of submissions every day and I love it. 
Sure, I don't (and can't) write about every single act but those songs I absolutely enjoy will always find a way to be on the blog. 

Today I'm really excited to introduce you to Winter 1982.

Winter 1982 are a duo from Birmingham, UK. Influenced by acts such as Ray Lamontagne, Jeff Buckley and Kings Of Leon, Winter 1982 could be classified as indie-folk with hints of alternative.

Both members grew up together and shared "passion for great music, indie nightclubs and depressing, grey, rainy days".
 Those being brilliant conditions to write music together, the two lads are now here with their newest single "Friend". 

"Friend" is a beautiful folk ballad
Varying from smooth, soft and warm vocals to slightly smoky notes; singer Phil just offers it all.
As I'm typing this feature it's pretty depressing, grey and rainy outside. 
I've had this song on repeat for a couple of times now and it really matches the mood outside. 

The sincerety and the honesty of the song are absolutely present and hauntingly beautiful.
The instrumental is incredibly well produced, it supports the vocals, enchants you in a soft yet exciting way.

"Friend" definitely left me wanting more. May the duo's EP release in Spring come soon!

Listen to "Friend" now:

Winter 1982 online: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud 

Thank you for reading!


Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | image: Winter 1982  


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