Gig Impressions: Ed Sheeran in Stuttgart


 Hey guys!

The instagram/twitter and facebook people are already informed - yesterday I got to photograph Ed Sheeran in concert.
As part of the "X Tour" he played at Porsche Arena in Stuttgart. 

The singer/songwriter has made himself a name by now and is known as "the guy with the guitar and the loopstation". With his hit single 'The A-Team' the musician slowly but surely made his way to the top whilst casually supporting Taylor Swift on her Red Tour.

His first album "+" (Plus) sold over 4 million times world wide, album two "X" (Multiply) has gone gold and platinum in multiple countries. 
With the X Tour he now brought the songs to life, live on stage.

Here are some of my thoughts (AND PHOTOGRAPHS) from the gig.

Jamie Lawson

Being the first of two support acts the pressure to get the crowd in the mood was on Jamie.
Jamie Lawson is a singer/songwriter from the UK. With his acoustic signature sound he managed to build a loyal fanbase.


He got to play five songs - all were acoustic tracks focused on warm guitar work and calming but really expressive vocals.
His lyrics convince as they are honest, deep and tell stories different stories.
Jamie's stage performance is enchanting and absolutely enjoyable, he definitely presented his songs in a fantastic and suitable way.

 If you want to learn more about Jamie, find his links below. Also, stay tuned as we filmed an interview together which will be online pretty soon.

Jamie Lawson online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube


Saint Raymond

Round two of the evening! Callum Burrows, the man behind stage name Saint Raymond is a young singer/songwriter from Nottingham, UK. 
Together with his band he presented his indie pop tunes to the massive crowd. 


 The full band line up caused a more energetic and up-beat performance. The fences between singer/songwriter and indie rock band kind of melted and therefore created a lighter atmosphere.

 Saint Raymond online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

Ed Sheeran

The main man of the evening. He swims in the mainstream sea so individually and represents so many not-so-mainstreamy elements.

When he's performing you usually find two mics, multiple guitars and a loop station on stage. Instead of playing with a band, he keeps it "simple" by just being a one mand show.
Though what he does on stage is anything but simple - for songs like "Don't" he records multi-layered backing vocals live.
To give the songs more grip and more volume you'll find Ed using the guitar to drum on it.
As a lot of his songs consist of guitar riffs as well as rhythm elements he records either and plays the other live.


His set in Stuttgart was a nice mix of old and newer songs, ballads and up tempo tracks.
 He even threw in some covers.


What absolutely amazed me is how well he knows how to entertain and control a crowd. You could think there are some awkward silences when just one guy is trying to entertain a crowd of thousands of people.
Well, Ed just does it so casually by telling funny stories and interacting with his fans.


Ed Sheeran online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

Special thanks to Jamie, once again. It was a pleasure meeting you, thanks for the whole evening. Really happy I got to film with you!

Also, I really do have to mention what a nice and relaxed lad Ed Sheeran is. When I entered backstage he was in the middle of a conversation but stopped just to say hi and make sure everybody is doing fine. Thumbs up for that!

Thank you for reading!


Credits // Text & Photography: Vanessa Jertschewske


  1. Hey Vanessa! Great read. Great pictures! Just how I like to end my night :-) And you just made me a new fan of Saint Raymond. I'll have to check out more of their music.

    And I have to commend you on your work ethics. Ten hours for this post... Wow! You are very dedicated to what you do and that is very admirable quality for such a young person ☺ Gut gemacht! ;-)

    1. Hi Eric, thank you very very much for the comment! I'm absolutely happy to hear you enjoyed reading the post. I love photographing so it's wonderful to hear such nice words! Amazing, I'm sure you'll enjoy more Saint Raymond tunes.
      Also, thank you! It really takes a lot up time - the process starts during the gig, when I photograph, then I have to go through the pics, edit them, upload, write, etc. But I love it! And I'm absolutely honored to have people look at the content. So thank you for visiting HITS. :)

  2. Hey Vanessa! I'm very impressed about your aticle. I was also at the concert on saturday and i want to give you a big compliment! Your photos are so great and i think many people are maybe a little bit jealous that you had an interview with Jamie Lawson and you met Ed :) also me:)but you write a great text and the 'concert package' with the three singers was perfect and unbelivable! Have you done some videos from the concert?:) big compliment again and I'll come back on your page for sure!:)

    1. Hi dear! Thank you SO SO SO much for your comment! It means the world to me that people enjoy the photos and the written words. :)
      I know that people can get jealous about this but I think I work hard to do things such as interviewing artists. Meeting Ed was absolutely unexpected as he just came over to say hi. I hope that every fan just like you is able to meet him one day! :)
      I filmed some bits with my phone but they turned out to be rubbish, I'm sorry.

      Once again - thank you SO much, I can't wait for your next visit on house in the sand. :) if you feel like it you can stay in touch via Twitter or Facebook, all links are on the top. :) - Vanessa x

  3. Beautifully written and stunning pictures, perfectly recreating the mood of a wonderful evening. Thank you so much!
    How does one get the chance to photograph on an evening like that?

    1. Hi Jess! No, thank you so much! Thank you for taking time to comment, thank you for liking the photographs. This means a lot to me!
      I got to photograph because of this blog. I had to apply and the people who organized the shows decided that I'm allowed to take the photographs.

      Once again, thank you! Hope you had a great time at the concert. (I'm sure you did.) :) - Vanessa x


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