Song introduction: Skeletons.

Hey guys,

I just realized it's been a while since I last introduced a song to you. I think the last song was "Tell Me (where to begin)" by Jim Kroft.

So it's time for another one and it's by the lovely Arkanes. (I once called them lovely in this post so that's why I keep doing that. :D)

The song is called "Skeletons" and well .. it's great. That's why I want to tell you about it. 

Listening to a song by the Arkanes is a bit like a drug:
 you first hear it, 
you start to dance like you're high (but you're not!),
 you listen to it over and over again because you can't stop. 

"Skeletons" is a song Chris talked about in the interview. It is one of the songs he is most proud of and I really understand it. 
Since I'm that type of listener who would rather listen to a song with a horrible melody than one with horrible lyrics the first thing I notice/love about a song are the words being sung. 

And the words being sung in "Skeletons" are ... how would I say? Lovely! Haha, well - the song is just a masterpiece. 

My favourite piece of lyrics are the very first words:
"Oh it's quiet strange how someone's life turn upside down."

But all of my regular blog readers know that I'm honest. So I have to tell you the one thing about that song that really sucks: 

I only can listen to it on the computer because it's not on iTunes.

Ok but that's really the only bad thing about the song ;)

Now it's time for you to listen to "Skeletons" right here.

After listening you will be addicted, so let's heal you with putting links to find The Arkanes:

I bet you enjoyed this post ;)

P.s.: Those guys are cool kids! I'm really happy they sometimes read the blog. :))

x Vanessa.

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