Rise from every fall.

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Hey guys,
today's post is going to be pretty similiar to my last one - it's going to be really serious.

This blog has brought a lot of joy into my life and it's incredible how far it got me within 9 months. It helped me to connect with people, it helped me to share my interests with you, it helped me to find my way into journalism.
But it also let people hear me. 
And whenever people hear you they have their opinion about what you do and what you say. Of course they don't always agree with you, but that is what makes it interesting, right? 
Hearing other peoples' thoughts is great. 

But then there are those people who secretely completely agree with you - but they can't tell you. Why? Well, that is a good question. Some people would say they are jealous. And honestly - I agree.

They would never let you know that they agree with what you do because they are jealous. Jealous maybe because it's not them doing what you do. Maybe because you get attention by someone they want to be recognized by. Or maybe because they wish they had something to present. 

I don't know the reasons.

But a few people just can't keep their mean words for themselves. Noo, they just have to get them out and throw them at you. 

Sometimes I wonder if they would actually tell you all that stuff they write into the comments or at "secret" websites where they talk about you when they were standing right in front of you. I bet they wouldn't. 

The thing is that I'm pretty sure reading mean words about yourself would get everyone down. It's because you do what you love and can't understand how people want to destroy it. It is okay to feel sad as long as you're going to rise from your fall again. 

There are always people who enjoy what you do so listen to them and not to the jealous ones who probably don't know what to do with their lives. 

P.s.: I know what it feels like to read those words but someone whenever I read such things anyone of the wonderful people seems to know it and just randomly message me sweet words - and that's what I keep on blogging for.

x Vanessa.

(I want to dedicate this post to a wonderful German youtuber I really look up to: daaruum. So please forgive me writing a few lines in German.)

Liebe daaruum,
 solltest du diesen Post je lesen, dann denke bitte daran, dass es total viele Leute gibt, die es freut, wenn du ein neues Video hochlädst. Und denke an die Leute, die absolut nichts an deiner Arbeit auszusetzen haben, nicht nur, weil sie es dir gönnen erfolgreich zu sein, sondern weil du einfach großartige Sachen kreirst.
Mach weiter so! :)


  1. Oh no :-( I can't believe people can be so horrid! Delete & forget - don't give those trolls the satisfaction of getting to you!


  2. Lovely blog :)

    Follow each other on GFC?



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