Autumn playlist.

Hey guys,

today is a very grey and rainy and windy and not so fine day in the pretty South of Germany so I decided to jump on my couch, drink green tea, burn a few smelly candles and listen to music.

Thinking about what I could share with you today the music inspired me because it made me calm down and just enjoy the weather.

So today - I'm going to share my playlist with you.

I'll try to find a link for every song so you just have to click on the title to listen to it.

Autumn playlist 2012:

She is light guiding - Martin and James
Autumn leaves - Ed Sheeran
Iron tongue - Livingston
Skeletons - The Arkanes
All too well - Taylor Swift
Wonderwall - Oasis
Fix a heart - Demi Lovato
Blown away - Carrie Underwood
Broken sword - Martin and James
Disease - Livingston
Cellar of dreams - The Silencers
Devils in the doorway - Martin and James
She's so mean - Matchbox Twenty
Grade 8 - Ed Sheeran
The last time - Taylor Swift ft. Gary Lightbody
Suffice it to say - Dan meets Portland
How to save a life - The Fray
Dream and drown - Livingston ft. Jim Kroft

That's just a tiny part of my playlist - if you want more, let me know. : )

x Vanessa.


  1. pretty much impressed to be in your autumn playlist between so much great artists... anyway autumn is such a good time to let your mind work and work again... without music it is not possible !... so,... THANK YOU !!! - Dan meets Portland

    1. You have been on my playlist ever since I got your CD!
      Seeing you commenting on my blog ALWAYS makes my day better so the THANK YOU goes to you!
      Let's let our minds work and see what we can do. :)
      Thank you! x


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