Jim Kroft supporting Livingston.

Hey guys,

do you know that feeling when you want to tell the whole world what you experienced but you feel like you can't find the right words?
Well.. that's exactly what I feel like when I think about what happened last night. I went to the Livingston concert in Frankfurt. And to be honest, I didn't know a lot of their songs - now you're probably wondering why I went there then - I tell you why.
Because of the support act - Jim Kroft.
If you know me you know how much he means to me. If you don't ... after this post you will.

I got to know Jim in February. He was supporting Martin and James on their tour. I went to the show in Cologne and actually got to know another great musician Dan Dietrich as well. 
When I first saw him on stage, I did not know how much he was going to change my life. I've been able to see him going his way for eight months now and I am more than proud of him.

It's actually not that hard to describe why he means so much to me. His music is honest, his words are true, his thoughts are deep and inspiring.
But what makes him even more special is the way he cares.

I can't even describe how much he has supported me with this blog and with everything else going on in my life. Not only with his music but also with his words and acts.
There was a time where I wanted to delete this blog because some people where giving me a hard time. I don't know why but for some reason I knew that if I was going to tell Jim what was on my mind it would help me. And it did, because he took time to sent me a wonderful message which still makes me smile. He made me stronger and made me rise above the mean people. Because of him I carried on.

If everyone was like Jim, the world would be a better place.

Coming back to yesterday... it was enchanting.
So when my Mum and I got into the venue the security guys checked my bag, saw my camera and told me that I wasn't allowed to take it with me. (For some reason they did not read the email I sent a month ago telling them I would need my camera for journalistic work(also showed them my press card)).
Well, you can probably imagine how a blogger without a camera feels. At a concert.
I just stood there (before the show started) and really felt horrible. (I guess there is some pressure when you own a blog.. :D)
Anyways, I got the idea to ask the merch guy if he could ask Jim to help me. Of course the merch guy could not leave the merch stand but luckily right after I explained my problem Jim entered the room. Mister merch guy called him over and told me to explain my problem to Jim. (At this point I really want to thank the merch guy for his help. DU bist genial.)
So, Jim came over and first of all asked how we (Mum and I) were doing. Then I explained that the security people took my camera (I know it is their job, I'm not maaad ;)) and before I even could blink Mr Kroft took me with him and helped me to get my camera back (And at this point I have to tell you - his German is brilliant!!!) But the way he helped me was.. wonderful. He said that I was a good friend and that I need my camera back. Like.. a good friend - I still can't believe it. Being friends with a hero .. wow.

Then the show started - the first support act was called "My first band" and heeeell - they rocked. The lead singer had so much energy and danced on stage and just blew me away. Great guys - great band!

So and what comes after the first support act? Right - the second support act which was the great Jim Kroft with his great band.
They rocked from the very first second until the last. They played "See How The Darkness Grows", "Through My Weakness", "I Hope You Know", "Tell Me (where to begin)", "The Great Doomsday Story", "The Jailer" and "Waiting For a Healing". (I hope I got every song.)
The crowd went wild, sang along and really everyone had fun. It was magical.
For the last song he got Paolo from Livingston on stage so they played the song with two drummers - magical, just magical. 
George, Ben, Dan and Ondrej - I salute you.

After Jim was finished we decided to leave front row to make some room for real Livingston fans. I hope someone enjoyed that. :)

At the back we soon spotted the wonderful Mr Kroft talking to fans so we went there as well. So we waited a little bit and then also talked to him. And I really hope you guys won't be mad if I don't share the words he said now because they mean a lot to me and I'd love to keep them.

But what I definitely want to tell you is that he now also got the Jim Kroft bracelet I made. :) Means everyone else who owns one is now wearing the same - yaay. :)

Then my Mum took a picture (actually two) of us and guess what Jim did? Put his hat on my head. That was way too cool. :)

Also I have to mention that Livingston rocked! I'm definitely a fan now and I hope to see them again. :)

So people, you may assume that I had a wonderful evening. That's true. Here are some pictures:

Roadtrrrip. :)

Dear Jim, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart - you are wonderful and thinking about what you've done for me makes me get all teary eyes. I am honoured to call you my friend and it means the world to me.
 I once promised you to never care about what other people think of me again. Now I want you to promise me something - please never ever change the way you are - and never give up doing what you love.

x Vanessa.

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  1. What's Jim doing with Jakob's guitar?? Anyway, awesome blog post!! But what did you think about Livingston's show? You know, big Livingston fan being curious and so on ;)

    1. Jakob pranked Jim. He took his guitar and put on all the strings upside down (like lefthanded people would string their guitar) so of course Jim couldn't play that one. :D It was hilarious.
      Livingston were great!!! We had to leave earlier so I couldn't see everything, but heell - they rock. And I really love Beuke's voice. :)

    2. Hahaha awesome! But I have to say, Jakob's guitar suits him as well :P
      Oh, you left earlier? So you didn't get to be part of that goodbye thingy for Paolo? Too bad, I would've loved to get first-hand-information :DD Yeah his voice is amazing!

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