Card/letter + giveaway.

Hey guys,

yesterday evening I sat on my couch, lights were dimmed, my fairy lights on the floor gave the room a nice christmas feeling, the snow outside made it even more realistic. (Yes, I said snow. Germany apparently decided to dress up for Halloween.) 
Then I brought out my little basket filled with letters and cards I got from (Twitter) friends over the years and remembered what I did last winter: I sent out lots of cards to friends all over the world and it was wonderful! I love love love writing and of course receiving cards and letters. 

I decided to do the same thing again this season of snow.
 Not only because I love writing but also because I think it's a tiny but cute and honest way to thank everyone who helps me out with this blog.

 You know it's very unreal to sit here, write this post, put it online and then get feedback. And getting feedback from you means so much to me. 

With sending you a card/letter I really want to give back what you guys give me. Reading the comments you leave or just seeing the views I get makes me so happy. 

Ok, now here are the details - and only the details, no cheesy words ;-)

  • cards/letters will be send internationally
  • each card will be designed differently/unique
  • you can get a card by leaving a comment on THIS post or any of the contact ways HERE
  • out of all "card receivers" two people will also get a little present (people will be picked out randomly)
Of course I need your address to send you a card, so if you're under 16 please ask your parents for permission. I am not going to post your address anywhere.

You can leave a comment or message me until November 30th. (I know I'm early with this post ;))

I really hope you like this kind of thank you. It would be sooo cool if I could send you a card.

x Vanessa.


  1. this is such a nice idea, I love recieveing letters from my friends!they seem to mean a lot more than just a txt or an email.


  2. Oh please, send me one :)) I'd love to get one from you. <3

  3. Wow that is such a cute idea! So thoughtful of you :)

    xo Viivi

  4. Aww this is a really lovely idea! I love letters.


  5. Send meeeeeee one ! :))) please, baby <3

  6. I'd actually love to get a card from you:) that's just such a great idea! :D

  7. oh this is so sweet, it's so refreshing to here about great people like you out there- oa


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