Randomness at its' highest.

Hey guys,

I'm just confused today. Like ... totally. So I thought why not turn this into something positive? In this blogpost I'm just going to write down whatever comes to my mind. Get ready to get confused as well..

Three Spanish lessons cause headache. But it's worth it because I know a few things in Spanish now.

Am I the only one eating ginger bread in September?

"We are never ever getting back together" by Taylor Swift is such a fun song.

The tickets for the Livingston / Jim Kroft show in Frankfurt just arrived. Am I going to see anyone of you there? 

I still like my ombré hair.

Weee-eeeeeeeee are never ever ever ever getting back together. Like ... EVER.

Having conversations with my cat is probably the coolest thing to do. Meow.

Reading emails in the voice of the person who wrote it shows that you write and talk to them a lot.

It smells very christmas-y in my room because of the ginger bread... let's turn on the christmas lights.

My horse loves to gallop very fast. And I love it, too.

37 more days until I get to see Mr Kroft for the third time this year. 

Hola, me llamo Vanessa. 

Post-it's are not very useful when you can't read what you wrote on them...

I think I'm gonna end this randomness now.. it was definitely enough to confuse me even more. :D

x Vanessa.


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