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let's not care about blurry pictures.. :D / Martin and James 1.5 years ago.

Hey guys,

first of all: thank you so so so much for sticking with me. I haven't been able to blog for a few days now but the amount of people visiting my blog is just massive. So thank you! I am definitely trying to keep you updated regulary. 

So today is a very special day. Exactly 1 and a half years ago I went to the Taylor Swift concert. Ok, maybe that's not that special. Or not special enough to write a whole blogpost about it, but on March 12th 2011 I got to meet two musicians who become super important to me.

Guess who?
Exactly, Martin and James!

I can't believe how many memories have been made ever since I first heard their music.

You know, when two guys with their guitars and a drum kit came on stage there were about 7000 people just as confused as me. That's all they need? Really?
And then they started singing. I was hypnoticed from the very first minute. "Wrong Directions" got stuck in my head immediately. They only played 8 songs which were definitely not enough for me. 
And I still remember what James said: "Please buy our CD so we can buy some beer." :D

After the Taylor show (which was amazing!) the two Scots were sitting in a corner taking time to meet everyone. Of course I had to meet them. So I went there with the people I went to the show with and was actually pretty excited (and nervous) :D (nowadays I'm still excited but not nervous at all). 
They were incredibly nice and signed my ticket, took a picture with me and had a quick chat. (Of course there were tons of other people waiting so they couldn't talk much). 

One month later I went to Berlin with school and guys.. I was looking for them the whole time! Haha, you are now allowed to call me a freak. It's ok. 
Well, I didn't get to see Martin and James, but I bought their selftitled album. And I think it's so cool that I got it in Berlin because they live there.

So today I'm just so happy that Taylor had them as her support and I got to know two incredible guys. 
I've seen them 7 times in total and one time was very very special. I am just thankful for everything they've done for me and can't wait to see/hear them again.

x Vanessa.


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