Hey guys,

the leafes turn orange, red and brown
it gets a little colder,
the sunsets get more colourful
and everyone's mood gets chilly.

It's safe to say - autumn is coming to town. 
To me autumn means comfortable knitwear, dark red nails and lipstick, brown-ish blushes, cute boots, cozy loop scarves, spending time outside jumping into leafes, having movie nights, riding through the forest with my horse.

Just a lot of wonderful thing, right? 

I actually want to know what does autumn mean to you? 
Let me know in a comment or write a whole blogpost about it. :)

Also there will be a huge announcement on Sunday, September 23rd.
Until then I will daily post a hint on Twitter so make sure to follow me @Vanyhoney

I can't wait to finally tell you what I've been working on for the last few months. Also I really hope I won't disappoint you but I think there will be some of you who are going to be surprised. :)
(Hint of the day: great people are involved) ;-)

x Vanessa

1 comment:

  1. Autumn is my favourite season and without a doubt the one that I romanticise the most. To me, Autumn is duffle coats, cold noses, brown boots, thick tights and short skirts, crispy leaves, crispy air, hill walking and curling up with a book and a candle.



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