Video interviews are the most exciting and probably most entertaining form of interviews.

On house in the sand we always try our best to deliver interesting and personal interviews for you.
Below are some pretty cool conversations!

Click the pictures of your choice and enjoy some insightful chats.

 Dean Lewis
(filmed in Stuttgart, March 2019)

(filmed in Stuttgart, October 2018)
(filmed in Stuttgart, May 2018)
Alx Green                                                                     Jalen N'Gonda
            (filmed in Ötisheim, May 2018)                                (filmed in Liverpool, January 2018)
Adam Barnes                                                             Jamie Lawson
(filmed in Stuttgart, November 2017)                           (filmed in Stuttgart, October 2017)
Josh Savage                                                                      Rhys Lewis
    (filmed in London, July 2017)                                        (filmed in London, July 2017)
Rhys Lewis vs. Josh Savage                                                  Tom Walker           
          (filmed in London, July 2017)                                     (filmed in Stuttgart, March 2017)
Jane's Party                                                                     Noah Guthrie
(filmed in Munich, November 2016)                       (filmed in Stuttgart, September 2016)
Ryan Vail                                                             Martin Luke Brown
   (filmed in Stuttgart, September 2016)                             (filmed in Munich, May 2016)
Jack Garratt                                                                   Gavin James
(filmed in Munich, May 2016)                        (filmed in Berlin, April 2016)
Madeline Juno                                                              Kodaline
(filmed in Berlin, April 2016)                                  (filmed in Stuttgart, February 2016)
Hannah Grace                                                               Rory Wynne
(filmed in Manchester, January 2016)                       (filmed in Manchester, January 2016) 
Jamie Lawson                                                               Lee MacDougall
(filmed in Stuttgart, November 2015)                   (filmed in Stuttgart, November 2015)
Ryan O'Reilly                                                           Hudson Taylor 
(filmed in Ulm, November 2015)                     (filmed in Stuttgart, November 2015)
Kid Wave                                                                    The Vaccines
(filmed in Cologne, October 2015)                       (filmed in Cologne, October 2015)
Kodaline                                                                   RDGLDGRN
(filmed in Baden-Baden, September 2015)                           (filmed in Berlin, March 2015)
Jamie Lawson                                                                 The Arkanes
(filmed in Stuttgart, November 2014)                           (filmed in Berlin, October 2015)
Dan Dietrich                                                                Ben Barritt 
(filmed in Darmstadt, August 2014)                              (filmed in Berlin, May 2014) 
                The Arkanes                                                Jim Kroft & Martin and James
(filmed in Stuttgart, April 2014)                               (filmed in Stuttgart, October 2013)
                                                      (filmed in Cologne, August 2013)


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