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The beauty of having a team of amazing writers and photographers working together to create the content to you see on house in the sand, is that we all bring different tastes and interests to the table.

However, we all have the same goal and that is to allow you to get to know your favourite acts better and for you to meet some new favourites along the way.

And we believe that the best way to achieve that goal is to chat to the artists themselves and share the conversations with you.

Our LA based writer and photographer Melissa had a little chat with Froth a while back and we're excited to share it with you now. 

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So let's get to know Froth!

Froth are a three piece from Los Angeles, US.

Their influences range from shoegaze to psychedia to post-punk, ultimately causing them to create a wild noise rock signature sound.

Joo-Joo Ashworth, Jeremy Katz and Cameron Allen have been releasing music together since 2014 and have celebrated the release of their third album, "Duress", earlier this year.

Froth's live sets are as memorable as their studio recordings, incorporating analog snythesizers, overdubs and drum machines, ensuring their listeners are having an amazing time watching them live.

2019 has seen them performing alongside Black Marble, Versing, A Place To Bury Strangers DJs and more.

Froth online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram

Melissa got to chat to Jeremy who told her all about the "Yanny/Laurel" debate, what the band does on days off and where they find their influences.

house in the sand: Hey Froth! Thanks so much for taking the time to have a little chat with us at house in the sand! How are you guys doing on tour?

Froth: We're basically done and driving back, but it went really well. We got along super well with the whole touring party (Black Marble, DYED).

HITS: Being from Los Angeles, would you say that the city has any influence in your sound or the lyrics in your songs?

Froth: I wouldn't say that specifically the city influences the music, but it probably does. Definitely we used to be very inspired by local LA bands and the whole scene. I'm inspired by the Dodgers now too.

HITS: The video for your song "Laurel" is so creative and kind of has a nostalgic "90's" vibe with the animation, I felt a Space Jam reference in there. What was the creative thought process when coming up with the idea for the video?

Froth: Definitely analog Space Jam was a goal from the video. It was all masterminded by Courtney Garvin (from The Courtneys) who had all the shots and animations planned out. She actually said she woke up from a dream one day and got the idea.

HITS: You've said the song was based on the "Yanny/Laurel" video that went viral last year. Which name did you guys hear? I could only hear Laurel.

Froth: I heard Yanny first but only two times, then Laurel forever.

If I asked you to cover a song by another band - which one would it be and why?

Froth: It would be "Autumn Sweater" by Yo La Tango because it's already so similar to our song "xvanos".

HITS: Describe tour life for us; what are some things you do on days off? What is your number one must have essential when traveling?

Froth: We try to find something good to eat and a newer thing is trying to find something physical to do. We used to do tours where we would just sit in the van and eat convenient garbage and bicker with each other. Now it's about eating pho and hitting some batting cage. Swimming outside on days off, playing with a ball.

HITS: Please complete the following sentence: We are Froth and we...

Froth: hate our first album, "Patterns".

HITS: Is there anything else you'd like house in the sand readers to know?

Froth: We are Froth and we hate our first album, "Patterns".

We hope you enjoyed our conversation with Froth!
Make sure to check out their music.

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Credits // Intro: Vanessa Jetwash | Interview questions: Melissa Rodriguez | Interview answers: Froth  | Image: Jeff Fribourg


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