Behind The Song: "Slip Of The Heart" by Freddie Dickson

15th August 2019

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The music industry, much like any other industry, can be a very confusing place at times.
It can be difficult to navigate through the daily hurdles and to keep track of the little wins.

And we truly think that the daily, little wins are what make this chaotic ride so much fun.
Being able to connect over music, whether that's by learning more about it from the artists themselves - or it's hearing your thoughts on the music we share with you.

Those moments are what keep us excited to continue and we truly hope no matter in which industry you work, you'll celebrate your little wins as well.

Today we're super excited to learn more about a song we think a lot of you will fall in love with quickly.

- Behind The Song -
"Slip Of The Heart" by Freddie Dickson

Freddie Dickson is a singer/songwriter from London, UK.
His atmospheric, at times mysterious sound is one that just soaks you in and keeps your attention throughout.
Freddie grew up listening to the greats such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young and other geniuses of that era.

His debut LP, "Panic Town" (2017), has been compared to the likes of Sharon van Etten, The National and Nick Cave. The album was his return to being an independent artist and going back to his roots after being signed to Columbia Records in 2014. Freddie decided to cut ties when the demand for pop music didn't aling with his vision and signature sound.

The routine of being in London started to slow the musician down and he found himself craving a change, and so Freddie went on a new adventure and moved to Berlin, Germany in 2018.

His upcoming album, "Blood Street", was recorded in his old flat in North London and is set to be released in October 2019.
"Slip Of The Heart" is one of the track fans will find on the his forthcoming album.

This is what Freddie told us about the song:

"This was actually the first song I wrote for the album.
I was in London at the time and it was shortly after I had split from my label and I was feeling quite lost in terms of the direction I was heading musically.
I knew that I had to start from scratch in order to figure out what I really wanted to achieve. The song is about how sometimes you have to fall down in order to come back up again.

I wrote this song in my flat in North London and recorded it myself in a little home studio.
After I had recorded my vocals and guitars, I took it to an amazing drummer called Alex Reeves (Elbow, Bat for Lashes) who really brought the whole thing to life.
We messed about with a bunch of old drums he had lying around and one of the cymbals even had a huge chunk missing but it sounded great!

I then asked my friend Oh Sister to sing backing alongside Amber Lane-Mcivor who is a singer from Manchester I had seen playing in a pub randomly a couple of years before, who really blew me away. Their voices blended so beautifully together.

Once I was happy with all the recording, I took the track to my friend John Davies, who produced my previous record "Panic Town" and he played bass and mixed and mastered the track. This song really helped set the tone for the whole record sonically.

I really wanted the sound of this record to be as raw as possible compared to my previous album which was perhaps a bit bigger production-wise.
I didn't want to try and disguise the fact that I was basically recording it all at home with a bunch of friends and just having fun. I was listening to a lot of early Neil Young records at the time and something about the harmonies and the feel he captured on his albums really had an impact on me. I wanted to keep everything super simple and tried to capture the atmosphere and enjoyment of the whole process."

Listen to "Slip Of The Heart" right here:

- stream "Slip Of The Heart" here -

Freddie Dickson online: Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Words (intro): Vanessa Jetwash | Words (about song): Freddie Dickson | Artwork: Lucas Mattine Carmel | Image received via Pon't Danic Music


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