Video Of The Day: "Don't Mind / Will Abide" by 1000 Gram

Hey guys!

Music is attention-grabbing on its own.
No doubt!

How many times do we find ourselves completely entertained by a guitar riff, a bassline, a drum solo or even an acapella bit?

But when you pair a brillaint song with an equally brilliant music video, that's when you end up with art.

And we created our VOTD feature because we love music videos a lot.

So please let us introduce you to 1000 Gram, the band whose latest music video made us hit the replay button instantly.

- Video Of The Day -
"Don't Mind / Will Abide" by 1000 Gram

1000 Gram are based in Berlin, Germany and Göteborg, Sweden.

When you check their Facebook bio, you'll find them calling their sound "Anti-Indie".
Ultimately, we invite you to be the judge and figure out their sound yourselves.

1000 Gram are:
Moritz Lieberkühn (vocals, guitar)
Arne Braun (guitar)
Paul Santner (bass)
Alexander Simm (guitar)
Lukas Akintaya (drums)

The band's latest album "By All Dreams Necessary" was released on August 31st of this year and has been well received, not only by the band's loyal fanbase, but also by music journalists of all sorts.

If you want to catch the band live, you can:
16th October: Cammerspiele, Leipzig
17th October: Sunny Red, Munich
18th October: Swamp, Freiburg
19th October: Café Galao, Stuttgart
20th October: Hafen 2, Offenbach

The video for their latest single "Don't Mind / Will Abide" was shot on Berlin's subway escalators - and those locations made for great entertainment.

We love the creativity behind this video as it completely compliments the song and the band's vibe.

Who doesn't love people watching?
The video makes it even more fun because you get to listen to a brilliant track at the same time.
Just like the song, the video builds up in intensity and you're taken on a journey of sounds and, well, escalators.

Check out the video for "Don't Mind / Will Abide" right here:

- stream the album -

1000 GRAM online: Website | Facebook | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram

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Credits // Words: Vanessa Jetwash | Image: Paul Aidan Perry via Listen Collective


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