HITS exclusive: "Real Boy" by Shape Of The Sun


Hey guys!

I've written so many intros where I've told you how much I love working on house in the sand.
Yet I feel like, I still need to mention it every now and then.

The amount of joy this website has given me is incredible.
There are so many highlights, there are so many things coming up - but I think my favourite part of all of this is the creative freedom.
You can just do pretty much whatever you want when you work alone and it's pretty cool!

Just like me, today's artist is doing everything on his own!

The one man show Shape Of The Sun is a music project by Nate Linek from Ohio, USA.
Nate sings and plays all the instruments you can hear in Shape In The Sun. Besides that he also records and mixes his music himself. 

Influenced by acst such as David Bowie, Beach Boys and Cold War Kids, the sound you get to hear could be described as alternative and indie rock. 

The first self-titled EP already convinces with strong rhythm sections and catchy guitar riffs. The simplicity of the verses gets shaken up by clever arrangements in the choruses. 

Today Nate is here to give you the perfect example of his music.

Here's a live performance of "Real Boy", exclusively for the wonderful house in the sand audience!

Shape Of The Sun online: Twitter | Facebook | Bandcamp | YouTube

Many thanks for Nate for taking the time to record this performance for us!

Thank you for reading!


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