Album Review: "Hyena" by Panic Tree

Hey guys!

I don't know how many times this year I got super excited about a new release.
Quite often would be a safe guess.

My excitement doubles when a band I've worked with before releases a new album. It's just so nice to hear new material from a band you really like.

I'm very happy to have a review for you which I'm very excited about.

Band: Panic Tree
Title: Hyena
Genre: Electronic, Pop
Label: Hyena Music
Release: 16th October 2015
HITS rating: 8.5/10

Panic Tree are an alternative, electro pop duo from Berlin, Germany. The duo consists of A. Seiffert on guitar, keys and vocals and T. H. Krohn on guitars and vocals.

Formed in early 2012 they released an EP called "New Monster Invasion" during their first year of making music together.
And just a few days ago the duo released their debut album, "Hyena". I'm very excited to review it for you today.

1) Invisible Dance
2) Common C'mon
3) Over The Dune
4) Diamond Face
5) Scary Nature
6) The Tunnel Is Lost
7) Parrots
8) Blood Fountain
9) Happy Magic Hearts
10) Voices
11) Pictures Of The Night

Opener "Invisible Dance" presents Panic Tree's signature sound in which you'll find many contrasts; dark male vocals - light female vocals. Strong drum beats - delicate snyths.
The band works with a lot of multi layered elements and therefore sounds like so much more than a duo.

"Diamond Face" brings out the calmer side of Panic Tree. The female vocals stand out on this track; showcasing her raspy but still soft voice, A. Seiffert proves she's able to lead you through a song in a charmingly demanding way. T. H. Krohn's vocals underline and compliment the song so well.

"Scary Nature" is on the more uplifting and uptempo side of the album. The guitar work on this song is fantastic and controls the vibe of the song; the cold synths melt in the warmth of the guitars and therefore create the unique Panic Tree atmosphere.

Another song which stands out is "Voices", a very bass focused song. There's a new music video for said song, make sure to watch it below. 

To sum it up: With their sound being very experimental, it's quite difficult to genrefy Panic Tree. But actually, there's no need to have a genre when the sound is brilliant anyway. The mixture of elements, the dueting of two very different voices which collide together in a mysterious and harmonic way - it all works. 

You should listen to these tracks: Diamond Face, Blood Fountain, Voices

Panic Tree online: Website | Facebook | YouTube | Bandcamp

Thank you for reading!

Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Album cover: Panic Tree online 


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