Song Of The Day: "Daggers" by BLUSH


Hey guys!

When I started blogging, all of the bands I knew had been in the business for a while and I've always wondered what they sounded like when they started out.
(In some cases they showed me demos from their early days. Who doesn't love a little trip down memory line?)

And over the years I've had a lot of acts who just started out introduce themselves to me. It is such a fantastic feeling to see artists grow, find their sound, work on their music. I think this is why I love this job so much - we're all constantly developing. 

Today I'm happy to share a song with you by a brand new band! I just can't wait for you to follow them on their musical journey.

BLUSH are an indie rock band from Southend-on-Sea, UK. The four members Ben, Matthew, Ferghal and Henry got together in July this year and just released some material for their surprisingly big followership.

"Daggers" is only just a demo, yet I just can't stop having it on repeat.
There's something about the song that sparks a little flame in you immediately. It's a groovy, grungy, rock track - the straight forward marching drums lead the song, the catchy riff makes you want to move, the bassline blends in perfectly, yet it doesn't drown and manages to stand alone.
But let's not forget about the vocals, they control the song in such demanding manner, yet their not "in your face".

Basically, every element blends in perfectly, leaving us here wanting more.
If this is a demo, we sure as hell can't wait for proper recordings! My my my

BLUSH online: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

Thank you for reading!


Credits // Text: Vanessa Jertschewske | Image: BLUSH (via facebook)


  1. Damn, spelt my own name wrong, but love this track

    1. Scott, I have no words for how much joy you just caused with those comments!

  2. Simply straight forward. I love the groove. Chorus is excellent. Thanks!


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